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Deloitte whitepaper suggests a rethink of organisations IT services

21 Mar 2014

Deloitte, one of Australia's leading professional services firms, has released a whitepaper exploring the business and financial implications associated with managing data centres.

According to Deloitte Consulting partner, Kevin Russo, IT and data centre services can be delivered through different service models, with multiple factors coming into play when deciding the optimal mix of purchased and leased technology capability.

"An informed investment in the right combination of facilities, IT infrastructure, applications and services can save money while providing an appropriate level of service, flexibility and security for the future," Russo says.

"As an organisation leases more of its technology, progressively more capital is freed up for reinvestment in core business activities and it becomes easier to cope with fluctuating demand for resources."

The genesis of Smarter Data Centre Outsourcing: Considerations for CFOs came from NEXTDC Limited, an Australian Data-Centre-as-a-Service (DCaaS) provider, who asked Deloitte to provide an independent perspective on the question Australian business has increasingly been asking as part of the cloud computing megatrend: "Is it more cost effective to outsource data centre infrastructure than to build and manage it internally?"

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie commented, "For decision-makers, whitepapers from respected firms such as Deloitte are an invaluable source of reliable, impartial analysis, and the report Smarter Data Centre Outsourcing is a timely and important resource.

"When business models shift they can and do have profound consequences, and today organisations are increasingly evaluating the potential benefits that cloud computing has to offer; although the implications of consumption economics in technology are only starting to become understood.

"This whitepaper is a great tool to help a range of companies make a fresh appraisal of their ICT investment.

In an increasingly interconnected world, organisations' IT investment strategy is often a critical factor in their profitability, just as new technologies and support services are giving them the choice between owning, leasing, outsourcing or even leveraging a combination of externally provided services.

The paper outlines the options available to structure an organisation's data centre and complementary IT services, and provides the key considerations for determining what works best for them.

To download a copy of Deloitte's new whitepaper Smarter Data Centre Outsourcing: Considerations for CFOs, visit: