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Easy does it through Ezi-Mail

11 Apr 2013

Starsoft has announced the availability of the sixth release of its Ezi-Mail App, which is ready for download from the Windows 8 Store.

Starsofts flagship email app, Ezi-Mail is exactly as the name suggests - an easy to use app which enables end users to connect to their Outlook accounts to manage Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

The new release adds improvements to folder management, syncing and the calendar as well as the introduction of a number of 'Zero Inbox' features that allow users to very quickly prioritise their email.

Since its first launch three months ago, Albany-based firm has published over 140 builds and six releases of the app, which free to download and is fast approaching 10,000 downloads since launch.

"We saw the potential, with the recent release of Windows 8 and the number of new tablet devices such as the Surface coming to market, for a radical re-think of email as an application which included re-development for touch based interaction" says Dermott Renner, managing director, Starsoft.

"We’re really pleased with the initial uptake of Ezi-Mail and the feedback we are getting from users across the world.

"The recently added 'Zero Inbox' features have been positively received as users aim to be more productive with how they manage the increasing amounts of email they receive each day.

"Put simply, the concept behind 'Zero Inbox' is the ability for an end user to prioritize their email very quickly from the perspective of the four D’s (Delete, Defer, Delegate and Do) and in doing so reduce the size of their inbox back to zero by the end of the day.

"It's a feature that has struck a chord with a number of users".

Further enhancements include:

• Improved folder management• Advanced syncing• Calendar improvements• Many 'Zero Inbox' features which allow users to rapidly prioritise their email

"Starsoft are one of many New Zealand developers seizing the opportunity to develop great apps for the Windows 8 platform, and it's exciting to see them innovate and leverage the touch capabilities in a business application like Email", says Dean Edwards, Windows Business Group Lead, Microsoft New Zealand.

"While Ezi-Mail will work on any Windows 8 device it really starts to stand out on a touch device when you can "tap and hold" to bring up the 'Zero Inbox' features allowing end users to very quickly prioritise their email using touch.

"While the number of downloads in three months is very impressive the opportunity for Starsoft and other New Zealand developers is still in its infancy as Surface and other Windows 8 Tablet devices enter new markets across the globe and Windows 8 grows its overall share."

To download Ezi-Mail click here