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Eaton and SimpliVity deliver power management solution

By Shannon Williams, Mon 14 Sep 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Eaton has today announced its integrated power management solutions have been validated to operate with SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

The power management company says it is the industry’s first power management solution to receive validation with a hyperconverged infrastructure, and will provide IT managers with advanced power monitoring and management capabilities.

“Scalability is becoming increasingly important as enterprises continue to expand power management functionality to accommodate new architectures,” the company explains in a statement.

“Validating its key role in the evolution of hyperconverged infrastructure, Eaton’s integrated power management platform provides SimpliVity customers with greater availability, scalability and data protection, as well as integration with VMware vCenter.

Scott Morris, vice president, Asia Pacific, Japan and China, “This allows organisations to scale as they grow while maintaining uptime and enhancing business continuity.

“Eaton’s power management solutions deliver tremendous value for SimpliVity customers, offering advanced power management capabilities and protection for our hyperconverged platform,” he says.

“Our platform delivers a total cost of ownership reduction of 300% and our collaboration with Eaton advances our enterprise resiliency and energy efficiency even further."

Morris says Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager™ software, 5P UPS and ePDU G3 rack power distribution units were used throughout validation testing for SimpliVity interoperability.

“SimpliVity customers utilise Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software to provide automated virtual workload management during a power disruption,” he explains. “Providing the capability for SimpliVity end-users to trigger virtual machine (VM) live migrations or set specific times for VMs to shut down during a power event, Intelligent Power Manager software is engineered to keep critical applications up-and-running while gracefully shutting down non-essential machines for enhanced flexibility and protection.”

Gordon Makryllos, ANZ managing director, Eaton, says Eaton’s collaboration with SimpliVity takes hyperconverged infrastructure deployment to the next level, allowing customers to scale out their infrastructure with the same agility as expected from their IT solution.

“SimpliVity and Eaton’s seamless integration with vCenter drastically reduces the learning curve and cost of acquisition to achieve greater business value while leveraging the enterprise benefits of SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure,” he says.

“Eaton’s ePDU G3 portfolio of third generation rack power distribution units are designed to provide users with high-accuracy monitoring and control of power consumption at the individual outlet level,” Makryllos explains. “When paired with an Eaton environmental monitoring probe, SimpliVity users can configure automated actions and alerts when humidity and temperature threaten rack hardware.”

“SimpliVity’s hyperconverged solutions provide cloud economics with enterprise performance, protection, efficiency and global unified management,” Morris adds. “By assimilating 8-12 core data centre services on commodity x86 systems, including the hypervisor, compute, storage, network switching, native data protection, cloud gateway, caching, wide area network (WAN) optimisation, real-time deduplication and more, SimpliVity is able to simplify IT while lowering IT infrastructure costs.”

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