08 Mar 2010
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EMC: 30% of all backups fail

Around 30% percent of backups fail each day and every companyis exposed, David Schneider, Executive VP of Global Sales for EMC’s Back Up and Recovery Systems has told IT Brief.

EMC’s BRS division is focused on the development and delivery of next-generation disc-based backup, recovery and archive solutions. According to Schneider, firms who don’t manage their legacy backup data properly are at serious risk.

“Between 10% and 30% of all backups fail each evening,” he told IT Brief. “They fail because of architecture as well as media and as a result that means that each day 30% of a company’s data wasn’t protected when the company thought it was.”

Schneider (pictured) said that many companies don’t find out that they weren’t fully protected until after recovery and that the impact on a business can be “catastrophic when those issues are not insured”.

He continued, “Every company has an exposure, it’s just a case of to what degree they’re exposed. Most companies who have not moved to a modern disc back-up environment or a next generation back-up software technology, probably seven out of nine, will have serious issues.”

Education on the dangers involved in not backing up systems properly is still an issue that Schneider says the industry has to overcome.

“When IT folks are surveyed from around the world they recognise they are exposed, which is one of the reasons why it’s created such a huge threshold of interest, but they don’t know what to do about it,” Schneider said.

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