30 Oct 2014
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EMC Corporation cloud updates to benefit NZ business

By Catherine Knowles

EMC Corporation has made its Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution available and has announced the acquisition of three cloud technology companies.

EMC says the three companies, The Cloudscaling Group, Maginatics and Spanning Cloud Apps, will each enable EMC to extend its hybrid cloud vision across cloud infrastructure, storage and data protection.

Cloudscaling can deliver enterprise-grade, OpenStack Powered hybrid cloud solutions; Maginatics can deliver cloud choice with data mobility across multiple clouds; and Spanning can deliver new protection capabilities for “born in the cloud” applications and data.

The all-cash transactions are not expected to have an impact on EMC GAAP or non-GAAP EPS for the full 2014 fiscal year.

“The acquisitions, together with [the] announcement of the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution, underscore EMC’s commitment to customers to deliver choice and agility in hybrid cloud deployments,” EMC says.

Arron Patterson, EMC NZ CTO spoke of the benefits these two announcements for businesses here.

“New Zealand business have been quick to adopt virtualisation and gain the benefits of it," he says.

"However for some the custom work required to build automation and orchestration on to these environments has required significant additional time and cost. Additionally while many organisations have embraced cloud providers to deliver some services - true hybrid cloud connectivity and flexibility has been beyond our reach."

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution that integrates hardware, software and services from EMC and VMware, is said to unite the best of private and public clouds to enable IT as a service, and can be delivered in as few as 28 days, accelerating time to value.

“Organisations no longer will have to make tradeoffs between the speed and agility of public cloud services and the control and security of private cloud infrastructure,” says EMC.

With the three companies, EMC can extend data protection to the cloud and assure availability. Furthermore, IT organisations can keep pace with the demands of modern and rapidly changing businesses with private cloud - which is trusted, controlled and reliable - and public cloud - which is simple, low cost and flexible. A hybrid model makes the best of both.

The hybrid cloud solution is capable of supporting traditional and next gen applications as well as financial transparency for a seamless and secure management experience, EMC says.

“There is significant demand for a quick and simple approach to deliver true ITaaS capability using the technology that NZ businesses know and trust,’ says Patterson.

“The latest generation of the EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution delivers on this promise and with Microsoft and OpenStack versions coming next year also preserves customer choice," he says.

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