20 Jan 2011
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EMC unveils new storage options

After teasing the IT world with some sort of storage announcement, EMC has come clean and unveiled a number of new systems and capabilities it says have been designed to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to “harness and exploit” large amounts of information they generate each day.

The technologies are part of a multi-billion dollar investment in storage that EMC says positions it at the forefront of trends driving information growth.

The firm named cloud computing and big data applications as examples.

Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO, explained, “What you’re seeing today is EMC ‘doubling down’ on its core franchise: storage. The technologies are changing, the use cases are changing and the consumption models are changing. These new products and capabilities put us in an excellent position to capitalise on the major trends in the IT industry and place us squarely at the intersection the biggest ones: cloud computing and Big Data.”

With that in mind EMC pitches its new VNXe systems as simple, efficient and affordable unified storage systems designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

The VNX family of unified storage systems converge EMC’s CLARiiONstorage area network systems and Celerranetwork attached storage (NAS) systems into “a single, easily managed and powerful family of unified storage arrays that are three times simpler, more efficient and faster and have the full suite of functionality of its predecessors”.

Klaus Straub, Chief Information Officer at Audi, said the amount of data generated now in the development of new products and technologies needs a new solution.

“We’ve worked closely with EMC for many years to deploy the latest storage technologies to improve efficiencies, performance and to automate IT processes so that our technical staff can focus more of their time on business initiatives,” he said.

“As a global company and brand, it is important for us to work with industry leaders like EMC to support our virtual infrastructure. These new EMC storage features and systems will play a key role in the IT environment as we introduce new models and expand in markets around the world.”

You can find out more about the new storage products and who they’re aimed for here.

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