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Entry level mobile plan misses out on Spark’s new upgrades

By Shannon Williams, Fri 27 Feb 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Spark has today announced that it is ‘packing’ more value into its pay-monthly mobile plans, which includes bigger mobile data allowances and unlimited calling on its $59 open-term plan and above.

The entry-level $39 plan will remain the same for existing customers, but will see a slight reduction in data and minutes for new customers.

Chris Quin, Spark Home, Mobile and Business chief executive says that when combined with free Spotify Premium, free WiFi and the option of adding Spark Socialiser, underpinned by New Zealand’s largest 4G network, Spark’s new mobile plans are ‘in a league of their own’.

“Many customers tell us their smartphones are now the most important thing they own,” Quin says.

“The average smartphone user checks their phone 150 times a day, more than two thirds of us check our phone before we get out of bed in the morning, and we all know that sick feeling when you arrive at work and realise you’ve left your phone at home.”

He says, “The question is no longer whether you want or need a smartphone. The question is what sort of experience you want to have when you’re using it. 

“Our customers tell us great coverage and 4G data speeds are becoming minimum requirements, and the new frontier is digital services – music, video, social media.

“More than half of us listen to music on our phones, and that’s why we offer free Spotify Premium. Almost 2 million of us use Facebook every day, and that’s why we launched Spark Socialiser,” Quin says.

Spark’s $59 open-term plan now includes 2.5GB and unlimited person-to-person calling to New Zealand and Australian standard numbers. Spark says it is also substantially increasing data allowances for the $79 plan and above (details in the table below). 

The entry-level $39 plan will remain the same for existing customers, but will see a slight reduction in data and minutes for new customers. Spark says his is in recognition that Spark is investing more into the mid-size plans, which are becoming increasingly popular as customers rely on their mobiles for more and more.

Quin says the new plans complement Spark’s broadband offer nicely.

“If you have both your mobile and broadband with Spark, then for as little as $148 a month  you can have your digital, video and music life covered – unlimited home broadband data, more than 6,000 hours of insanely good TV through your included 12-month Lightbox subscription, access to 20 million songs on Spotify premium, unlimited standard mobile minutes (to Australia and within NZ), unlimited standard texts, 2.5GB of mobile data and 1GB of free WiFi every day. That’s quite a package.”

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