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EPOS crafts quality audio solutions for all working environments
Wed, 31st Mar 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

This is the golden age of video and audio conferencing. With many key business stakeholders unable to attend in-person meetings as easily as they once did, webinars meetings, and online presentations became a mainstay of virtual business.

While many observers attribute much of this change to COVID-19, video and audio conferencing solutions had already carved out an established place in business. Though few could argue that COVID-19 was the catalyst that triggered a critical business need for quality hardware, software, and infrastructure to support them.

According to a 2020 study from EPOS and Sapio, 83% of decision-makers believe audio has become more important to their business over the last two years, largely thanks to increases in the number of conversations being conducted over video or phone (51%) and hybrid workplaces (49%).

Whether physical or virtual, businesses recognise that conversations are still vitally important to building and maintaining relationships.

But not all technology products and solutions are created equal. Meetings still suffer from audio dropouts or pops, low microphones, and background noises - these steal away valuable time from what really matters.  
According to the EPOS study, 22% of decision-makers will seek lower cost and lower quality audio equipment, but 78% prefer higher cost and higher quality. This is because that the majority of businesses know that audio quality is no longer a luxury when their communications depend on it.

EPOS president Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen says, “The 0.5% of what you miss during a call becomes 100% of your concern.”

What Dalberg-Larsen means by this is the slightest audio problem at the wrong time could result in unfortunate consequences. Meeting participants miss out on not only spoken information but also subtle nuances in pauses and tones of voice.

As an audio expert, EPOS understands the challenges of defining and refining quality audio that ensures everyone is heard.

The EPOS ADAPT Series features built-in adaptive noise cancelling (ANC) technology not only captures every word but also personalises audio experiences to users' environments.

One of the products in the EPOS ADAPT series is the ADAPT 660, a headset that has been optimised for UC and certified for Microsoft Teams. It is the premier headset designed for mobile workers.

The ADAPT 660 is a Bluetooth-enabled ANC headset that offers crystal clear calls that are enhanced by EPOS AI, which has been specifically designed to optimise voice detection for a natural listening experience. Four adaptive ANC microphones also capture the wearer's voice whilst reducing external noises such as wind and busy offices.

The ADAPT 660 is compatible with Amazon Alexa with just a simple tap and hold. What's more, the headset features a dedicated button for Microsoft Teams, offering one-press launches to Microsoft Teams on PC via the USB dongle.

With up to 30 hours of battery life and a three-hour charge time, the ADAPT 660 headset is just one product in the renowned ADAPT series of audio products.

To learn more about the ADAPT Series, click here.

To learn more about the ADAPT 660 headset, click here.

The EPOS ADAPT series is exclusively available from Atlas Gentech.