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Ever heard of SieTec? 2,000+ clients sure have...

04 Oct 2013

Perhaps one of New Zealand’s most successful companies that you may never have heard of, SieTec provides business communications systems to some 2000 clients.

Many of these are well known names in their respective industries such as Ogilvy, Harley-Davidson, Mitre 10 Mega, BDO Spicers, Kiwi Rail, SPCA, Delmaine, Giltrap Group, Briscoe Group, Pak ‘n Save and many more.

Sitting L-R: Brendon Jay, Group Operations Manager; Rob Currie, Group Business Manager; John McAdams, Group MD; Snehal Chauhan, Group Marketing Manager Standing: Don Hattaway, Group Finance Director

“With the advent of hosted solutions specifically designed for SMEs, SieTec today supplies enterprise-grade communications systems to businesses of any size,” says John McAdams, Group MD, SieTec.

“It wasn’t too long ago that the best in information and communications technology was restricted to those who could afford it – and that meant big business only.”

All that has changed according to McAdams, with Siemens Enterprise Communications solutions available for New Zealand businesses of every size, thanks to their sole partner SieTec.

“Combined with SieTec’s proven capability to deliver solutions to the most demanding of enterprise clients, any Kiwi business can now access the same level of engineering and support for their communications systems,” McAdams adds.

As a hosted (or on premises, if preferred) solution, OpenScape delivers UC functionality on top of existing networks, using established interfaces and supporting all common communications protocols.

It is packaged with the latest UC applications, including presence and web collaboration, and provides seamless mobility so all the functionality of OpenScape goes with your people on their device of choice.

“Whether using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, Windows, Android or iOS, OpenScape just works,” McAdams says.

There is more to SieTec than its telecommunications division, notes Rob Currie, Group Business Manager.

It also operates a Wholesale Networks division, providing services such as Lines, Calling, SIP Trunking and Broadband solutions, to its clients; SieTec Security, which provides IP-based security solutions such as access control, intercoms and specialized telecommunications to the end-user and installers market; and SieTec Structured Cabling, which addresses the requirement for cabling infrastructure.

Why OpenScape Communications?

“OpenScape Communications is an all- in-one solution for single and multi-site businesses that simplifies the deployment and delivery of cost-saving enterprise voice and UC across your business,” says Rob Currie, Group Business Manager.

• No investment in new infrastructure

Delivers UC functionality on top of your existing network, using established interfaces and supporting all common communications protocols.

• Performance-boosting functionality

Comes packaged with the very latest UC applications – from productivity enhancing presence and seamless mobility to anytime collaboration.

• Cost saving communications

Seamlessly integrates cost saving Voice over IP on top of your existing network to reduce your total communications bill.

• Seamless integration

Integrates into your office applications so there’s no learning curve for your people.

• Total connectivity

Provides instant access to UC on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

• Comprehensive mobility

Supports more mobile platforms than any other offering from any other vendor – from Android and Windows to iOS – using a web- based solution.

• Superior ownership experience

Reduces total system cost through swift and easy deployment, and web-based management tools for simple, low cost maintenance and support.

• A future-proofed investment

Delivers a low cost upgrade path from voice to UC.

amplifyTEAMS NOW!

Why focus on teams, and why now?

“amplifyTEAMS is our vision to deliver fully integrated solutions that synchronize technologies, harmonize the user experience, weave communications into how businesses operate, and empower employees and team” – says, Group Marketing Manager, Snehal Chauhan

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