03 Jun 2011
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Exec shuffle at Telecom

By Contributor

More changes at Telecom due to the Chorus demerger; it was announced today that acting CEO of Telecom wholesale, Nick Clark, will now report directly to Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe. 

Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds said the move follows the telco's goal to realign its regulated wholesale business with Chorus and to enable a collaboration on the company's UFB and RBI commitments. 

"To do this, we need one executive and one team accountable to our customers," said Reynolds. 

Clarke will move, along with many of the wholesale team, while a smaller unit will stay outside of Chorus. 

"Robust operational separation principles and practices remain firmly in place, and these changes will improve the ability of our people in Chorus and Telecom Wholesale to better deliver for our customers at a critical period of change," said Reynolds. 

"We remain absolutely committed to the Undertakings on Operational Separation agreed in 2008."

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