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Expats apply for .kiwi domain

16 Jan 2012

If .nz just isn’t kiwi enough for you, you may want to keep an eye on a business called Dot Kiwi Ltd.

The Vancouver-based operation, run by expat kiwis and registered in New Zealand, has entered the application process with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to register the .kiwi domain. 

The move comes as ICANN opens up its internet addressing system from the traditional geographic or identifiers to include more flexible domains.

If successful, Dot Kiwi will be up against non-profit group InternetNZ, which administers the .nz suffix and funds lobbying as well as internet-based philanthropic projects with the proceeds.

InternetNZ has not ruled out launching its own bid for the .kiwi domain, telling Stuff it is a costly task and 'not a process we would undertake lightly'. 

Tim Johnson, CEO of Dot Kiwi Ltd, says he would use a percentage of proceeds from the domain to help rebuild Christchurch, which is his home town.

"We believe .kiwi provides a sustainable solution to the need for on-going fundraising for the Christchurch rebuild,” Johnson says.

"It also provides a solution to the notable lack of choice for names in the somewhat isolated New Zealand domain name market.”

If Dot Kiwi is able to secure the domain it is expected to be up and running early in 2013; check out their website for more.

Would you switch your domain to .kiwi, or is .nz kiwi enough? Post your comments below.