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Final seats for Aerohive BYOD sessions in Auckland & Wellington

01 Mar 2013

The high street is changing, with nearly three quarters of the public happy for a retailer to send a text or email with promotions while they're using in-store Wi-Fi.

But is your business taking advantage of the shift in technological attitudes in retail?

By enabling Wi-Fi, your business can enhance the level of information available to customers, acting as a powerful driver of sales.

So why not come and learn about the advantages of remotely managed access points with Aerohive Hive at their seminar in Auckland on Thursday March 7.

If your organisation is facing the following challenges - you should attend this seminar:

* Geographically distributed sites requiring connectivity

* An increasing demand for WLAN driven by the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops

* Limited amount of dedicated IT staff to manage/maintain existing stores, as well as when deploying wireless LANs

* Providing the right level of Policies, Security and Device Management for mobile users

* How to provide access to Business-Critical applications via Wi-Fi

* Looking at to provide your stores with WiFi enabled barcode scanners and mobile computers, to track inventory, speed up shipping and receiving, simplify markups and markdowns

*Starting at 3:30pm until 6:30pm, Aerohive's senior Wi-Fi architect, Andrew vonNagy, will share his expertise in the retail sector.

Having previously served as a technical architect for Target Corporation, a Fortune 100 retailer, where he was responsible for a global wireless network across stores and distribution centers, establishing IT infrastructure strategy, and driving technology innovation.

To register, click here.

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