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First ever Telework Week launched in NZ

13 Nov 2012

Amy Adams launched New Zealand’s first ever Telework Week yesterday, which will highlight the social, economic and environmental benefits of working from home.

The Communications and Information Technology Minister kick-started the event at Parliament, promoting employees using ICT to work away from their traditional place of employment, while monitoring the savings and productivity gains made in doing so.

After the week’s end, Adams says businesses should have a better understanding of the technological and workplace practices required to make teleworking a success.

“The week provides a good opportunity for businesses to learn more about telework and consider how it might benefit them and their employees," she says.

:It is especially timely for businesses to think about telework and the options an ultra-fast broadband workplace provides.

“Businesses in the competitive market for skilled staff should be thinking about the opportunities telework offers to attract employees who may not live anywhere near the company offices.

“There are already many kiwis who live in scenic parts of New Zealand while working for leading companies all around the world.

"Our businesses need to start thinking about how telework opens up new worlds of recruitment possibilities."

The initiative, which is led by Cisco, in partnership with Crown Fibre Holdings, Vodafone, Datacom and NZICT, is being held in conjunction with Telework Week in Australia.

For information about Telework Week click here