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Fivetran and dbt Cloud to streamline data management
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

Data integration global leader, Fivetran, has announced a fresh orchestration integration with dbt Cloud, aiming to simplify data complexities and reduce costs for over 1,000 shared customers.

Streamlining data management and transformations, the novel integration removes the need for independent data integration and transformations. Tasks can be automated, triggering dbt Cloud transformations immediately once data is uploaded to a cloud data lake or warehouse. This considerable reduction in manual orchestration decreases workflow inefficiencies and enables data-literate decision-making in enterprises.

The new addition to Fivetran's offerings enhances its existing services, which are all designed to expedite the journey from raw data to actionable insights. Quickstart and pre-built data models are among Fivetran's portfolio aimed at speeding data utilisation.

Rather than operating to a fixed schedule, downstream data workflows can now be synchronised to run as soon as a fresh dataset is loaded. As Mac Noland, Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer at phData, described, "This means our team – and our clients' teams – can now focus on more strategic projects, while saving money, since compute isn't engaged until there’s new data available."

Such automation is increasingly vital in an era where data holds significant competitive potential. By simplifying data practices and costs, and empowering companies to capitalise on their data, the Fivetran-dbt Cloud orchestration innovation lays the groundwork for future data-centric projects.

Luis Maldonado, VP Product of dbt Labs, noted how businesses can now "avoid tedious manual orchestration and have confidence that decisions are being made from the freshest data possible." The new integration permits over 1,000 shared customers to automate dbt Cloud jobs to run as soon as upstream data loads are completed.

Helge Scheil, EVP of Engineering at Fivetran, discussed the broader implications of the new integration, stating that it provides an opportunity for "data teams [to] focus more on data work versus pipeline management,” and proves Fivetran's commitment to offering customers a platform that serves as a centralised data foundation.

Fivetran's data platform unifies all a company's data into a cloud data lake, lakehouse, or warehouse, ensuring businesses can rapidly harness timely insights to drive innovation, enhance decision-making, and boost productivity. Fivetran made headlines previously for being recognised as a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration.

Backing the business value of Fivetran's offerings is research by international market intelligence provider IDC, which revealed that Fivetran customers save an annual sum of over $177,000, enjoy an average productivity benefit of $1.5M, and witness a three-year return on investment hitting 459 percent.