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Fivetran introduces new SDKs to boost third-party vendor integration options
Wed, 8th Nov 2023

Fivetran has announced its successful launch of two new software developer kits (SDKs) aimed at enabling third-party vendors to create integrations on Fivetran's data infrastructure. The newly unveiled SDKs offer the opportunity for these vendors to unlock compatibility with data sources and integrations.

The two SDKs refer to 'data source connectors' and 'target destinations' and are designed to significantly increase the flexibility of third-party vendors, allowing them to develop fresh connectors and destinations on the company's robust platform.

In doing so, vendors can ensure their product is compatible with Fivetran's sizeable network which currently comprises over 400 connectors, 14 destinations, and services more than 45,000 users worldwide.

This substantial extension of Fivetran's offerings sees the initiation of the 'By Request' programme in which the company is creating hundreds of connectors. The Connector SDK allows vendors to write their own integration, providing valued customers with a simple and reliable means to move their data to a destination of choice. As such, customers can perform efficient data analyses and enrich their work with other vital data.

Developers are praising the gRPC-based SDK for its language agnosticism, allowing connectors and destinations to be written in any supported programming language.

This ensures an impressive level of flexibility for developers, whether reusing existing code or writing new code in their chosen language, the company states. Further, the SDK provides templates and a testing environment, culminating in a hassle-free deployment of connectors for third-party vendors.

Vendors specialising in data warehousing, data lake and storage facilities can utilise the Destination SDK. This allows Fivetran to effortlessly enable those joint customers to load their business-critical data from any of Fivetran’s 400+ connectors into their destination platform.

By consolidating data into a single location, customers can access analytical and transactional data for reporting and predictive analytics, enhancing business efficiency.

Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran, emphasises the high value of these new developments, stating: “Companies needing to unlock data for their customers can leverage Fivetran's infrastructure to build highly secure and scalable connectors and destinations that operate no differently than our native builds."

"Source vendors can take advantage of the Fivetran network and all its destinations, whilst destination vendors can activate their product with Fivetran’s extensive and ever-growing list of connectors.”

Senior Engineer at PlanetScale, Phani Raju, praised the Fivetran team, saying: "Fivetran's gRPC connector interface is well-designed and a joy to implement." Similarly, Senior Engineer at Convex, Nipunn Koorapati, reported an excellent experience creating a connector for Fivetran, citing its ease and the responsiveness of the Fivetran team.

Fivetran’s Connector and Destination SDKs are currently free to use and in Private Preview for select vendors. The company invites those interested in gaining access to the SDKs and its associated documentation to contact them via email.