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Foodstuffs enhances productivity with Zebra Technologies
Tue, 18th Apr 2023

Zebra Technologies has announced Foodstuffs South Island is using Zebra’s mobile computers, tablets and wearable scanners to achieve greater productivity, inventory visibility and accuracy, and improved shopping experience.

The solutions implemented by Foodstuffs South Island include Zebra’s TC51 and TC52 mobile computers, ET51 Android tablets, and RS5100 Bluetooth wearable scanners. 

The TC51 and TC52 mobile computers provide retail associates with ready access to inventory levels to reduce lost sales resulting from out-of-stock situations. Having such crucial information at their fingertips would also enable retail associates to spend more time engaging with shoppers to provide a better shopping experience. 

The ET51 Android tablet and RS5100 Bluetooth wearable scanner help streamline workflows and increase the scanning speed of its market online picking team, resulting in enhanced productivity from its retail back end.

Since 1928, Foodstuffs South Island has offered many shopping experiences, from grocery and convenience stores to large-scale supermarkets, wholesale, and specialty liquor stores. The company also owns recognisable retail chains Four Square, New World and PAK'nSAVE, and in-store private brands Pam and Pam's Finest.

“By digitalising our process, we give our retail associates ready access to key information of our inventory levels from the shop floor to avoid facing out-of-stock situations,” says Ian Colhoun, user technology manager at Foodstuffs South Island. “This also eliminates the hassle of leaving the shop floor to check our office computer for data to answer shoppers’ simple questions. Promptly responding to our shoppers’ questions with real-time information about available stock will vastly improve the overall shopping experience, which is our utmost priority.”

According to Zebra’s 15th Annual Global Shopper Study, retail associates expressed out-of-stock complaints as their number one frustration (43% globally and 38% in APAC).

Globally, 76% (64% in APAC) of shoppers leave without the items they intended to purchase, with 49% (44% in APAC) blaming it on out-of-stock.

“There has been a sharp rise in consumer expectations across Australia and New Zealand in recent years, with shoppers expecting a seamless experience as they toggle between online and physical store shopping,” adds Tom Christodoulou, sales vice president for ANZ at Zebra Technologies. “To ensure that retails can meet the high expectations of shoppers today, they will first need to empower their retail associates with the right technology to perform their duties.”

“We help organisations monitor, anticipate, and accelerate workflows by empowering their frontline and ensuring that everyone and everything is visible, connected and fully optimised. Our portfolio spans software to innovations in robotics, machine vision, automation and digital decisioning, all backed by a 50-year legacy in scanning, track-and-trace and mobile computing solutions. With an ecosystem of 10,000 partners across more than 100 countries, Zebra’s customers include over 80% of the Fortune 500,” concludes Christodoulou.