24 Oct 2014
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Fortinet's next-generation firewall platforms unveiled

By Catherine Knowles

Specialising in high-performance network security, Fortinet has unveiled two next-generation firewall platforms.

These 'five times next-generation' firewall devices will protect mid-enterprises so they can continue to do business without the worry of a breach of security.

The FortiGate-300D and FortiGate-500D are the two platforms, and both bring increased protection for the advanced threats enterprises face today.

According to a Forrester Consulting Study, as security threats evolve, it is the expectation that NGFWs (Next-Generation Firewalls) move past traditional firewalls to give increased security and efficiency.

Customers want gateways that fight advanced threats, like zero-day malware. On top of this, they want firewalls that respond to new cyber criminal tactics, including encrypting payloads or stolen data inside of an SSL tunnel.

In response to this, the norm is quick becoming advanced threat prevention, sandboxing and more, all with a vastly increased emphasis on security effectiveness and performance.

“Traditional firewalls have not kept pace with the changing threat landscape, forcing organisations to look to next-generation firewalls for a deeper level of inspection,” says Scott Cowen, NZ and Pacific Islands channel director at Fortinet.

“With Fortinet’s high performance appliances, any natural firewall refresh or Web filtering renewal presents the opportunity to add new security functions yet consolidate security devices – a ‘win-win’ scenario for customers,” he says.

Other notable features of the Fortinet products are the easy to manage functionality, high-performance throughput, and affordable price points.

The new Fortinet models are fitting for branch offices, central and local government, education, healthcare and other mid-size enterprises that require strong security.

Find out more information here.

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