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FPT & Siemens ink MoU to boost global digital transformation
Tue, 5th Mar 2024

Global IT company, FPT, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with multinational industrial technology firm, Siemens, with the mutual aim of advancing the manufacturing sector and semiconductor chip production and accelerating digital transformation globally. The partnership will primarily focus on areas such as smart infrastructure, eco-friendly data centres, automotive software, and digital transformation initiatives.

The collaboration serves to expand on the successful partnership that FPT and Siemens have built since 2017, centring around the MindSphere IoT Operating System. The objective of this new MoU is not only to enhance their digital transformation services but also to explore new business opportunities on a global scale.

FPT, armed with its strong expertise and high-quality workforce, aspires to become the Global SI Partner for Siemens' low-code platform - Mendix. Furthermore, it plans to provide Engineering Services for Siemens EDA, focusing specifically on AUTOSAR projects. Siemens, in response, has invited FPT to join its Xcelerator ecosystem to ramp up digital transformation with Siemens' solutions and applications.

The partnership will extend to collaboration in the smart infrastructure domain. Siemens aims to become the supplier of choice for FPT's data centre network and its sustainable infrastructure development projects in Vietnam. Siemens, renowned for its profound technology foundation in the digital ecosystem, cloud, and low-code, commits to supporting FPT by providing access to large-scale training and knowledge sharing. It will also explore collaboration in the realm of semiconductor design and manufacturing, an area in which FPT aims to drive future growth.

Dr. Truong Gia Binh, FPT Chairman and Founder, explains that FPT's greatest resource is its 32,000-strong team of digital transformation experts who are operating globally. "Digital transformation, Green transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, and Semiconductor" are the five main focus areas Binh highlights as key to enhancing cooperation between FPT and Siemens. Investments in AI supercomputers, workforce training and development, notably emphasising NVIDIA certifications and innovations in industries such as automotive and semiconductor, are expected in the near future.

Mr. Roland Busch, Chairman and CEO of Siemens AG, stated that the companies share many commonalities, particularly Siemens' vast experience in the semiconductor industry. He affirmed that Siemens is fully prepared to cooperate closely with FPT in their future endeavours, offering comprehensive support and innovative solutions. Siemens' expertise, particularly in areas such as smart infrastructure and digital industrial solutions, will be crucial in enhancing product adaptability in daily life.

FPT and Siemens have years of successful collaboration spanning across various sectors and industries. FPT, having surpassed one billion USD in revenue from global IT services in 2023, aims to further enhance its performance to attain five billion USD in revenue from global IT services by 2030. FPT also aspires to reach billion-dollar milestones from a single market, a single vertical industry and a single contract.

The signing ceremony of the MoU took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 26 February 2024, with leaders and executives from both companies present, symbolising the strengthening ties between the two tech giants.