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Free Invite - Zeald reveals website conversion secrets

04 Oct 2013

Websites are Zeald's passion, so let them help you grow your business and get ahead of the competition.

Welcoming IT decision makers to a free educational seminar in Auckland on October 17, Zeald reveals their website conversion secrets.

Having designed and developed websites for thousands of small to medium businesses since 2001, the company is well-placed to offer top quality advice.

For Zeald focuses on helping businesses achieve their dreams; they don’t just concentrate on technical solutions, but take a holistic approach, centred on how online sales and marketing tools fit into your business journey.

You Will Learn

• The two key factors that will determine if your website succeeds or fails. Why it is important to continuously measure performance.• How you can use simple techniques to consistently improve your results. The value of mobile and where you should start to get things going.

Glowing testimonies include Iben Young, from Welcome Homes, who says:

"It was thanks to Zeald's seminar that we realised just how important our website really was.

"When you think about it, your website is like an additional employee."

Register for your free Zeald Seminar today and find out how you can improve your website results.

Just visit to find a seminar near you.