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Fujitsu partners with AWS to accelerate digital transformation of mobility industry
Fri, 14th May 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Fujitsu has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services in a bid to accelerate the digital transformation of the mobility industry.

According to Fujitsu, the collaboration will position the company as an important player in accelerating DX and expanding business for organisations in the mobility industry, including automobile manufacturers, insurance providers, and logistics companies.

"Enterprises in the mobility space currently face a once in a century paradigm shift," Fujitsu says.

"They increasingly require the right digital tools to move from business models based primarily on vehicle delivery to models that provide value through mobility services utilising vehicle data and offer new value through innovation based on CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) technologies, which is expected to enable all people to travel safely and comfortably to where they want to go, and to reduce the burden on the environment."

To help accelerate the transition, Fujitsu and AWS will collaborate to develop fully managed mobility solutions, offered by Fujitsu through AWS Marketplace. This will see Fujitsu combining its Digital Twin and security solutions for the mobility industry with AWS's cloud services.

"Through our collaboration with AWS, we will deliver robust support to our customers with mobility technologies we have developed over the years," says Shunsuke Onishi, head of private enterprise solution and head of global services, Fujitsu.

"Collaborating with AWS, which boasts world-class capabilities and global reach, allows us to contribute to the realisation of a more sustainable future with DX for mobility not only in Japan, but around the world," he says.

Fujitsu will work with the AWS Professional Services Team to help companies in the mobility industry develop and operate new systems, as well as modernise their existing systems. Fujitsu will also boost its own system development capabilities by certifying an additional 750 engineers on AWS.

Bill Foy, director of worldwide automotive GTMS, Amazon Web Services, says the rapid evolution of technology in the mobility industry can challenge companies to keep pace.

"Our work with Fujitsu will enable customers such as OEMs, fleet managers, and logistics companies to make better use of their data and innovate agilely and cost-effectively in the cloud," he says.

"In addition, by training and certifying hundreds more of its engineers on AWS, Fujitsu is set to play a leading role in mobility managed services for years to come and help its customers continuously increase their capabilities, insights, and agility."

The collaboration leverages Fujitsu's expertise in technologies and system development in the mobility industry, and AWS's breadth and depth of cloud services.

The collaboration consists of the following:

1. Development of fully managed mobility solutions
Fujitsu is collaborating with AWS Professional Services Team to develop fully managed solutions centred on Fujitsu's technologies, including the in-vehicle camera image analysis platform, Fujitsu Future Mobility Accelerator Digital Twin Analyser, the stream data processing platform Fujitsu Future Mobility Accelerator Digital Twin Utiliser, the integrated infrastructure to support the utilisation of mobility data FUJITSU Future Mobility Accelerator Digital Twin Collector, and the management centre for vehicle security Vehicle-Security Operation Centre (V-SOC) to help data utilisation and service development for connected cars.

These solutions will not only be available directly from Fujitsu, but will also be available through the AWS Marketplace in Japan in October 2021, and globally including in Europe and North America at a future date. Together with AWS, Fujitsu will create use cases, such as data utilisation and services for connected cars, and deliver them globally as AWS Connected Mobility Solution templates.

2. Development of systems utilising AWS services in the mobility industry
Fujitsu will collaborate with AWS Professional Services to help companies in the mobility industry, such as automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, and logistics companies, use AWS services to develop, operate, and modernise systems for mission-critical business and mobility services. Fujitsu will provide this assistance in Japan from June 2021, and will subsequently roll out in global markets including in Europe and North America.

3. Strengthening system development capabilities in the cloud with AWS certifications
Fujitsu will strengthen its system development capabilities in the cloud by training 750 new AWS-certified systems engineers. Reinforcing this capability will enable Fujitsu to deliver systems that promote DX in the mobility industry.