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Fujitsu & Red Hat assist Panasonic Connect with agile transformation
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

Technology firms Fujitsu Limited and Red Hat K.K. (Red Hat) have unveiled new agile consulting services designed to assist Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. in becoming a hypothesis-testing business. This exciting development forms part of a collaboration announced in March 2022 and its use by Panasonic Connect signals a significant milestone in achieving the collaboration's objectives. Fujitsu and Red Hat are committed to supporting Panasonic Connect's ongoing digital transformation (DX) initiatives and aim to foster an agile mindset among clients across a wide range of sectors.

Fujitsu is utilising extensive systems integration (SI) knowledge and sector-specific best practices collated over the years to aid clients in instituting organisational changes that deliver transformational outcomes. Examples of successful use cases include the development of human resources, the management of agile projects, and the practical application of internal DX knowledge.

Hiroki Teshima, General Manager, Head of Solution Department Group, Global SCM Development, Solution Development Lab., R&D Division, Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd, stated: "Fujitsu and Red Hat's agile support not only improved various practices but also significantly altered our mindset. We are currently promoting automation and autonomy in our processes that utilise key data with Panasonic's strengths of device sensing and robotics, real-time situation changes analysis using AI and computing, and providing field feedback on appropriate decisions. The agile mindset fostered with the support of our Fujitsu and Red Hat coaches is poised to deliver the breakthrough needed to accelerate our efforts in supply chain management."

In further news, Fujitsu would be launching its agile consulting services as part of the collaboration with Red Hat, an announcement first made in March 2022. The new services will utilise the consulting expertise and engineering resources of Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs to enhance its DX business.

Since Red Hat Open Innovation Labs kicked off in 2016, it has provided customers with access to DX consulting services that promote innovative change across corporate culture, organisation, processes, and technology. The two companies have orchestrated an organically optimal system according to the target area and the characteristics of customers and are working together to expand the market.

Panasonic Connect, a global company that develops, manufactures, markets, and provides professional services for equipment and software in the supply chain, public services, consumer infrastructure, and entertainment sectors, has experienced success with developing significant parts of the software business as a joint solution with Blue Yonder. Panasonic Connect initially took up agile development independently, however, it decided to engage Fujitsu's agile consulting services due to the increase in development scope necessitating multiple team management alone, as a testament to its partnership with Red Hat.