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Gallagher Security enhances SMB system with new features
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

Gallagher Security, the globally recognised security manufacturer, has announced the integration of two new features within their cloud-based system known as SMB - Video Linking and Panic Notifications. These features resonate with Gallagher's commitment to providing customer-centric solutions and further augment the suite of capabilities within the SMB system.

The function of Video Linking comes as a response to a widespread need among SMB End Users making use of CCTV camera systems. It permits their existing camera system to be incorporated within the SMB software, obviating the requirement for additional investment or bespoke training.

Lisa Tubb, the Senior Product Manager of SMB at Gallagher Security, states: "The release of Video Linking gives our End Users more clarity when an alarm is triggered at their business. By allowing them to connect to their CCTV camera app via the SMB app, they can instantly validate whether a genuine security threat is underway, or a false alarm has been triggered, thereby enabling them to decide on an appropriate course of action."

In addition to enhanced clarity, the new feature offers economic benefits as well. Tubb adds, "Security camera systems can prove to be costly to replace, but the SMB Video Linking feature is compatible with a range of security camera systems, enabling End Users to maintain their present setup along with its inherent functionality." Various prominent security camera brand systems including Eagle Eye, Hanwha Vision, NX Witness and Provision IR are supported by the system with plans to incorporate more brands in the future.

The second feature to be introduced is Panic Notifications, designed to offer greater control over alarm reception to businesses. This feature delivers alerts only for the alarms categorised as vital, reducing the influx of unnecessary notifications and ensuring no emergency goes unnoticed.

In Tubb's words: "There are so many notifications piling into one's phone throughout the day - reducing this noise is essential. With Panic Notifications, one can opt to receive only panic alarm alerts, a feature particularly valuable for business owners, area managers, or health and safety officers in charge of the security of multiple business locations." By streamlining the notification system, key decision-makers can focus distinctly on security incidents concerning the safety of their staff, and act promptly.

With these additional features, the SMB system is poised to offer even greater adaptability and control to businesses. Tubb concludes: "We are thrilled to present these new features to the SMB solution, as they will greatly enhance the user experience and improve business efficiency for our users."

The SMB security solution from Gallagher is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify security operations of businesses and is accessible via a user-friendly mobile app. It is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.