16 Nov 2010
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Gen-i's Windows 7 Phone at sea

Last month’s much-hyped launch of Windows Phone 7 went off with a fizz rather than a bang in New Zealand, mainly because there was only one handset available at launch to get excited about.

HTC listed another device for a short time but the firm later pulled all mention of it saying it was exclusive to Australia.

We’re still waiting to hear back from HTC regarding its future plans for the New Zealand market.

So, your only other option for a Windows 7 Phone at the moment is the upcoming LG release from Telecom and Gen-i.

The official line on the LG Optimus 7Q has been “November” since it was announced but at Gen-i’s Fwd_Live roadshow in Auckland last week, one senior company executive said that units of the device were currently on a boat, heading to New Zealand.

No one we talked to would put a bet on a specific launch day, but the last week of November – or possibly December 3rd at the latest – seemed to be the thinking.

That’s only for Gen-i’s business customers though. Telecom will release the device at a later date to the public.

Hopefully that'll be this side of Christmas. If not there will still be only one Windows 7 Phone model for Kiwis to chose from.

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