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Google AI's Circle to Search revolutionises user experience on premium Androids
Tue, 23rd Jan 2024

Google's Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to redefine the scope of a search engine with the introduction of intricate updates that aim to streamline users' search experiences anywhere, at any time, and in any preferred manner.

A notable advancement, Circle to Search, permits Android phone users to explore any topic on their device without switching between apps. The technique for applying this is tailored to the user, whether it's circling, highlighting, tapping or scribbling around curious material. From January 31, Circle to Search will be globally available on selected premium Android smartphones, commencing with the Pixel 8, the Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 range.

Imaginably, on seeing an admired creator wearing an outfit whose brands aren't tagged, users can activate Circle to Search by long pressing the home button or navigation bar on their Android phones. They can then pick any item in the picture by circling or using any preferred gesture and promptly find similar options available for online purchase.

Elizabeth Reid, VP of Search at Google, explains in a blog post: "When something grabs your interest, it can be disruptive to stop what you're doing and use another app or browser to start searching for information. But now, whether you are texting friends, browsing social media or watching a video, you can search for what is on your screen right when your curiosity strikes. And as we have shared, Search and Shopping ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the results page."

Additionally, Google AI enables asking complex queries about what you see in the real world, courtesy of multisearch in Lens. Effective this week, with the Lens, users can point their mobile camera or upload a photo or screenshot and enquire to receive AI-generated insights. This feature is initially accessible to English users in the US, whilst Singapore users can preview it if they've opted in to Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Pictorially, while at a thrift store, should individuals encounter a strange board game without accompanying instructions, a photograph can be taken and a query posed, for example, "How do you play this?". This can quickly inform the parties about the nature of the game and how it's won.

Moreover, the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series will employ Google's exceptional foundational model, Gemini, to drive the future of AI capabilities. Gemini promises to provide enhanced summarisation and handy photo editing abilities, which will be powered by Gemini Pro in conjunction with the Circle to Search feature and much more.

The Galaxy S24 series will also be equipped with Gemini Nano, the most efficient model for on-device activities, to introduce innovative features in Google Messages. Gemini Nano ensures that user data remains within their smartphones.

These utterly vital updates, designed to improve user interaction, can be found detailed in several imperatively resourceful blog posts. Google welcomes users to explore these utilitarian updates and features and encourages users' feedback and queries. Google is eager for users to share their newfound experiences.