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Google apps give custom privileges

17 May 2011

Google has introduced a new feature for managing its Apps in a business context, allowing 'Super Admins' to offer other users administrator controls specific to certain areas.

On its enterprise blog, Google gave the following example of the feature's application:

"Collin is an IT Associate at your company who is responsible for helping employees who have lost their password or username. You can now give Collin the ability to access the "Organisation & Users” tab in the Control Panel, so that he can manage user access to Google Apps. You can also further control which actions he has the right to perform. For example, you may give Collin the right to reset passwords, but not to create new user accounts."
Instructions to access delegated administration privileges are:
  1. Log in to the Google Apps administrator control panel
  2. Under "Organisation and Users,” find and click on the user account to which you wish to grant privileges
  3. Click the "Privileges” tab
  4. To make the user a Super Admin select the check box labeled "This user has full administrative rights within this Control Panel.” To restrict the user's access to selected functions the Control Panel, select the check boxes next to the tabs you want the user to access
  5. Select the specific actions the user is allowed to perform under each tab
  6. Click "Save changes” to confirm that you want to grant administrator access to the user
For more information, see the blog entry here.