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Google Cloud partners with C3 AI to help organisations accelerate AI solutions
Fri, 3rd Sep 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

C3 AI and Google Cloud have announced a new, industry-first partnership aimed at helping organisations across multiple industries accelerate their application of AI solutions.

Under the agreement, both companies' global sales teams will co-sell C3 AI's Enterprise AI applications, running on Google Cloud.

The entire portfolio of C3 AI's Enterprise AI applications is now available on Google Clouds global infrastructure, enabling customers to run industry-specific AI Applications including, C3 AI Suite, C3 AI CRM, and C3 AI Ex Machina.

C3 AI will also work closely with Google Cloud to ensure its applications fully leverage multiple Google Cloud products and capabilities, including Google Kubernetes Engine, Google BigQuery, and Vertex AI, helping customers build and deploy machine learning models faster and more effectively.

Being built on a common foundation of Google Clouds infrastructure, AI, machine learning and data analytics capabilities, C3 AI says its enterprise AI applications will complement and interoperate with its portfolio of existing and future industry solutions.

"Combining the innovation, leadership, scale, and go-to-market expertise of Google Cloud with the substantial business value delivered from C3 AI applications, this partnership will dramatically accelerate the adoption of enterprise AI applications across all industry segments," says C3 AI CEO, Thomas M. Siebel.

The company says customers will be able to deploy combined offerings to solve various industry challenges, including:

  • Manufacturing: Solutions to improve the reliability of assets and fleets with AI-powered predictive maintenance, improve revenue and product forecasting accuracy, and improve the sustainability of manufacturing facilities and operations through optimised energy management.
  • Supply chain and logistics: Help supply-chain reliant businesses to better understand risks in their supply networks, maximise resilience, and optimise inventory accordingly.
  • Financial services: Assistance for financial services institutions to modernise their cash management offerings, improve lending processes, and reduce customer churn.
  • Healthcare: Solutions to improve the availability of critical healthcare equipment via AI-powered asset readiness and preventative maintenance.
  • Telecommunications: Improved network resiliency and overall customer experience while reducing costs and the carbon footprint of operations.

"Google Cloud and C3 AI share the vision that AI can help businesses address real-world challenges and opportunities across multiple industries," says Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian.

"We believe that by delivering C3 AI's applications on Google Cloud, and by partnering to address specific industry use cases with AI, we can help customers benefit more quickly and at a greater scale."

IDC group VP, AI and automation research, Ritu Jyoti, says organisations across industries are accelerating their digital transformations with cloud-based solutions, purpose-built to deliver specific business outcomes.

He believes the new partnership between C3 AI and Google Cloud represents an acceleration of this trend.

"This is fundamentally game-changing for the hyperscale computing market," says SAP AG former co-CEO, Jim Snabe.

"Google Cloud is changing the competitive discussion from CPU seconds and gigabyte-hours, to enterprise AI applications producing enormous value for customers, shareholders, and society at large."