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Hawkes Bay Council achieves greater digital transformation with Nintex

Hawkes Bay Regional Council (HBRC) is utilising the Nintex Process Platform to protect New Zealand’s air, land and sea.

Nintex is a global standard for process management and automation. HBRC is driving process development for its employees in the field and the office by leveraging the Nintex Process Platforms capabilities for process mapping, management and automation, the company states.

Located on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, Hawkes Bay is home to more than 160,000 people. HBRC works with the local community to protect and manage the region’s rivers, lakes, soil, air, coastline and biodiversity which includes eight major river systems and 350 kilometres of coastline.

In 2010, HBRCs quality department implemented Nintex Promapp for process mapping and management to help the organisation better understand its processes and improve them.

As an ISO 9001 organisation, appropriate process documentation and management is critical to HBRCs operations, the company states.

Leveraging Nintex Promapp helps the regional council maintain and update the hundreds of processes applicable to the organisations ISO compliance.

HBRC business analyst Olivia Giraud-Burrell says, “We use Nintex Promapp to help us do things once and do them right. We train our staff to use Nintex Promapp not only to read through processes, but to also provide feedback. With Nintex Promapp, we can all contribute to process excellence.”

HBRCs business transformation team began leveraging Nintex Workflows, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Mobile in 2013 to improve the way data collected in the field is recorded and submitted to scientists in the lab.

Previously, HBRC resource technicians would collect samples and record field data on paper forms which would then be manually entered into their internal system at the lab and re-checked for accuracy.

The process was time-consuming and risked data accuracy as weather and exposure often damaged the forms, the HBRC states.

Using Nintex Workflows and Forms, HBRC created an automated mobile solution that eliminated the need for double data entry, allowing its scientists in the field to submit data electronically via a Nintex Mobile app on a mobile device. The solution saved HBRC more than 200 hours in the five-month testing period alone, according to Nintex.

HBRC group manager integrated catchment management Iain Maxwell says, “I’ve challenged my staff to constantly innovate in their work, to push boundaries, and Nintex has been really key to that.

“We have become reliant on Nintex to support us and the ability for staff to digitally capture information from the field and bring it back into the business. It’s essential for us now.”

HBRC has mapped more than 500 processes since first implementing Nintex Promapp and published nearly 400 processes across six departments. The organisation has also automated everything from leave request forms to generating compliance authorisations, and more.

The council is beginning to realise the value of bringing its process mapping work together with its process automation efforts, as digital transformation is a key priority at the organisation.

Leveraging Nintex Promapp provides the councils business transformation team a complete view into processes that need or could be automated, according to a statement from the company.

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