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Hitachi Vantara & Google Cloud launch Unified Compute Platform for GKE Enterprise
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

Hitachi Vantara has teamed up with Google Cloud to introduce the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) for GKE Enterprise. This new platform provides businesses with a unified solution to manage hybrid cloud operations.

The Hitachi Unified Compute Platform offers a single framework for easy deployment and management of applications across both in-house and cloud-based infrastructure. This comes at a time when a recent report anticipates a significant surge in demand for cloud-native platforms that operate across multiple environments by 2023, driven by generative AI and the associated massive data growth.

The platform's service includes a safe transition to Google Cloud by intelligently distributing workloads for smooth data and infrastructure migration. Furthermore, the product offers customers multiple options supporting varied performance, availability, and scalability needs, making it suitable for different applications.

Dan McConnell, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Storage and Data Infrastructure at Hitachi Vantara, elaborates, "Our collaboration brings together Hitachi Vantara's highly available, high-performance integrated cloud infrastructure and GDCV's robust container orchestration and management capabilities."

"As generative AI reshapes the digital landscape, GDCV on Hitachi UCP enables organisations to leverage the potential of hybrid cloud environments confidently. This turnkey solution equips them to thrive and make the most of the ever-expanding data-driven opportunities in the digital era." 

McConnell contends that as generative AI reshapes the digital landscape, his company's new offering enables organisations to confidently utilise hybrid cloud environments, ensuring they are prepared to take advantage of data-driven opportunities in the digital era.

The platform also addresses security and compliance requirements. It employs modern controls for both software and hardware aligned with specific guidelines and needs. These controls are managed centrally across different locations, meeting business and regulatory compliance requirements.

Sridhar Devarapalli, Product Director at Google Cloud, believes the collaboration represents the latest modern cloud infrastructure, offering customers a single source for systems, solutions and services.

As part of its launch, Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDCV) on Hitachi UCP has also been included in Google's Anthos Ready platform partners program. This certification validates the seamless operation of the hardware with GDCV.

Steve White, Program Vice President of Channels and Alliances at IDC, emphasises the necessity of embracing cloud-based collaborations in the evolving business ecosystem. He suggests that such partnerships offer a key to unlocking unprecedented agility for customers, not just as a matter of staying ahead but as a critical survival and competitive strategy.

Steve White said, "In today's rapidly evolving business ecosystem, the industry's hunger for cloud-based solutions from strategic partners has become more than just a trend, it's an essential survival strategy."

"Embracing cloud-based collaborations isn't just a matter of staying ahead; it's the key to unlocking unparalleled agility for customers, and competitiveness today and in the future for those partnering."  

This strategic collaboration between Hitachi Vantara and Google Cloud's enterprise-grade platform promises businesses a modern, reliable and secure hybrid cloud experience, driving their digital transformation journeys globally.