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Hitachi Vantara unveils future-focused hybrid cloud storage solutions
Tue, 19th Oct 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Hitachi Vantara has released its roadmap for the future of hybrid cloud data storage at the event 'The Road Ahead: Digital Infrastructure for the Data-Driven'.

During presentations by president, digital infrastructure, Mark Ablett and chief product officer, Radhika Krishnan, the company outlined steps it's taking to extend its storage virtualisation capabilities to deliver a distributed hybrid cloud data fabric.

The executives discussed combining hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions, initially with the software defined Hitachi Virtual Storage Software for block, virtualised across distributed environments, from edge to core to cloud.

According to the company, the new hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions is designed to help clients of all sizes meet the demands of enterprise, cloud native and AI applications, and lay the foundation for extending data fabrics to hybrid cloud environments.

At the event Ablett said, “Today we are excited to announce enhancements to our portfolio that will play a key role in the future of hybrid cloud data strategies.

"Our new VSP 5000 series and E-Series hybrid cloud products deliver performance, consolidation, and enterprise class data services seamlessly on-prem, off-prem, and for cloud-based storage.

"Clients want agility and performance to meet the demands of digital business, and we're delivering both.

New Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 Series models, VSP E-Series, and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) offerings are available now with upgrade paths and cloud-like management tools.

VSP E590 and E790 storage solutions

As part of the roadmap, Hitachi Vantara introduced new versions of its VSP E590 and E790 storage solutions for small and midsized enterprise clients.

New hybrid storage options are desgined to give clients the flexibility to consolidate diverse workloads in a single midrange platform, according to the company.

Integrations with cloud services platforms also help clients lay the foundation for extending data fabrics to the cloud. Moving forward the arrays will have common data services and virtualisation from the company's software defined and cloud hosted solutions.

In addition to economical all-NVMe storage, clients can now choose all-NVMe, all-SAS or a combination of the two.

The addition of SAS expansion to VSP E590 and E790 addresses low latency requirements for applications and affordability for small and midsized enterprise clients, the company states.

Featuring a self-install setup with embedded management, VSP E Series systems can be up and running in 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the new E-Series is integrated into the major hybrid cloud stacks to simplify deployment and management of the data fabric.

Integrations with Anthos

Hitachi Vantara announced integrations with Anthos, the Google Cloud solution for unified data management across on-premise, edge, and in multiple public clouds, and with Red Hat OpenShift, the enterprise Kubernetes platform.

Hitachi also announced Hitachi Replication Plug-In for Containers, which enables enterprise data services in container environments for stateful storage with the Hitachi VSP and E-Series family.

VSP 5000 Series expansion

In addition, the VSP 5000 Series expanded its enterprise-class features for clients who have large data requirements.

New enterprise storage models, the VSP 5200 and 5600, accelerate application responsiveness and performance with a 42% improvement in data reduction efficiency, increasing more usable capacity, according to the company.

With end-to-end NVMe, the new VSP 5600 model offers 33 million IOPS and as low as 39 microseconds of latency for better application response and data center consolidation opportunities.

According to the company, these arrays are also intelligent, with integrated real-time observability across the infrastructure stack with automated anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

The new VSP 5000 series storage models feature the same modern application development integrations as the new E-Series models to extend the data fabric from the edge to the core and to the cloud.

Hitachi Modern Storage Assurance

New to the VSP 5200 and VSP 5600, Hitachi Modern Storage Assurance additionally provides upgrades to the next generation VSP technology to simplify the procurement process for several years.

Hitachi Modern Storage Assurance can be included in the original purchase of a new VSP 5200 or VSP 5600 or as part EverFlex.

EverFlex is Hitachi Vantara's as-a-service offering that allows clients to consume hardware, software and Services through a pay-per-use consumption model.

Hitachi Content Platform upgrades

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is Hitachi Vantara's object storage software solution.

As of the company's event announcements, HCP now offers new optimisation settings for quicker performance for cloud gen apps. According to the company the new settings are designed to distribute objects across the architecture more efficiently.

In addition, a new scale-out policy engine optimises performance through data services that can be customised per use case or workload.

Hitachi Content Software for File

Hitachi Content Software for File, the most recent expansion of the company's object storage portfolio, also gained new capabilities.

The solution now supports ingest from Amazon S3 object storage for high performance applications such as IoT sensors and video surveillance machines.

Hitachi Ops Center

The new Hitachi Ops Center streamlines operations for distributed teams by applying AI and ML methodologies to reporting, performance optimisation and intelligent data management for easy to use, cloud-based health monitoring system.

An integrated real-time analytics and automation capability provides up to a 70% reduction of manual storage management tasks and helps teams get to root cause analysis up to four times faster, according to the company.

Through the Hitachi Ops Center, clients can safeguard data availability and fine tune system performance to help reduce the organisation's overall carbon footprint by consuming less energy and cooling across the system.


Hitachi Vantara's VSP 5000, E-Series and Hitachi Content Platform are available for purchase worldwide from Hitachi Vantara and its global partner network. All solutions are available through EverFlex.