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Horangi and AWS launch holistic cloud security offering
Mon, 13th Dec 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Horangi has launched a holistic security offering designed to provide customers with comprehensive cloud risk assessments and bespoke solutions that align with their desired business outcomes and drive innovation.

The solution is called Resilience and Excellence with Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Horangi (REA-H).

According to the company, cloud-based solutions are becoming ubiquitous in APAC as businesses in the region recognise that they can realise cost savings, gain competitive advantages - especially in crowded markets, and achieve greater scalability.

In fact, the region's cloud market is forecasted to lead the world in cloud adoption with cloud spending reachingUS$200 billion by 2024.

To help these organisations, Horangi worked with AWS Professional Services to develop REA-H to provide customers with a solution to protect critical workloads and data through added layers of security on the cloud, the company states.

In designing the solution, AWS and Horangi identified key drivers and challenges that companies are facing when it comes to cloud adoption, mapping them to frameworks governing cloud security operations, workload control patterns, threats and other critical components on the cloud.

To gain the full benefits of using the cloud, REA-H is designed to help organisations using the cloud gain real-time visibility to risks, rapidly remediate threats and accelerate compliance with regional financial regulations including BNM-RMiT, OJK and MAS TRM.

Horangi CEO and co-founder Paul Hadjy says, “We are thrilled and honoured to partner with AWS to launch REA-H as a joint and holistic security offering which draws on our complementary strengths."

Hadjy says, "The AWS Professional Services Team is a world-class service provider trusted by companies, many of which are Fortune 500 organisations.

"With their collective experience and expertise, the AWS Professional Services Team has helped companies realise business goals for their cloud investments with their unique methodology based on Amazon's internal best practices.

"We are excited to help companies reinforce their security today and galvanise themselves to defend against tomorrow's cyber threats.

AWS ASEAN head of technology Santanu Dutt says, “Horangi plays a crucial role in helping our customers in the region improve their cyber security.

"We recognise Horangi's deep experience working with ASEAN organisations and saw a great opportunity for AWS Professional Services to collaborate with Horangi to enable our customers to innovate securely in the cloud.

Anand Nirgudkar, CTO at CardUp, commenting at the launch of REA-H, said, “As our region goes digital at an accelerating pace, consumers will be increasingly reliant on the strong security practices by financial institutions to protect their data.

"The joint REA-H solution comes at an opportune time when enterprises and cloud-native organisations need to develop robust security programs for growth. We are incredibly excited about the potential impact of this solution created by cloud leaders AWS and Horangi."

Warden, Horangi's flagship Cloud Security Posture Management(CSPM) and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) tool, is part of the product offerings under REA-H.