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How AI is boosting the effort to create smart communities

30 Apr 2019

The real estate industry is accelerating its transformation from building development to community operation. With the rapid development of 5G and artificial intelligence technology, real estate developers are focusing on diversified business transitions. 

They aim to create smart communities by introducing innovative technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence into the development and operation of real estate projects. A real estate developer in China and the cloud intelligent robot operator CloudMinds signed a cooperation agreement, and CloudMinds will provide hundreds of cloud intelligent robots to help the customer build a new generation of smart communities.

CloudMinds is the world's first cloud intelligent robot operator and has been committed to the implementation of artificial intelligence technology using robots and all types of smart devices. 

Utilising the leading cloud intelligent robot solution, CloudMinds built a smart cloud platform based on HARIX architecture for the customer and will offer a variety of services including smart building, smart security, smart property management etc. CloudMinds' full range of intelligent robots are also deployed in many scenarios such as hospitality, reception, security, patrol, smart doorman etc.

CloudMinds provides the cloud brain for the smart community - Smart Cloud Platform. Through the capabilities of big data analysis and artificial intelligence, Smart Cloud Platform intelligently recognises the activities of community residents, intelligently allocates public resources, and intelligently manages communities, which greatly reduce the operating costs of the community.

Based on CloudMinds' cloud intelligent solution, the reception robot leverages face recognition, mart voice and other technologies in the residential property centre to identify visiting guests, with powerful artificial intelligence processing capabilities, to answer the user's diversified questions and guide the guest to the destination based on the real-time environment. 

The patrol robot can perform functions such as image recognition analysis, face and license plate recognition, environmental monitoring, patrol monitoring, community service, etc., to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted duty, further increasing the security level of the community.

CloudMinds also uses artificial intelligence technology to carry out the technical transformation of the original products. By the end of the year 2018, CloudMinds had completed the face recognition and reconstruction work of the door access control and unit building access of 13 property communities. 

The new face recognition access control has replaced the existing swipe card, Bluetooth, and two-dimensional code access control system in the current residential area, and has received great satisfaction from residents.

At present, smart cloud platform and intelligent cloud robot have been applied in many real estate projects of the customer, which boosted the implementation progress of the customer's smart community and improved management efficiency. 

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