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How HCL aims to drive a data-driven omnichannel customer experience

28 Mar 2019

HCL announced the launch of the HCL ADvantage Experience. This platform works with Adobe Experience Cloud to enable companies to create, personalise, and measure the customer experience through various touchpoints in a customer’s journey. 

The HCL ADvantage Experience supposedly provides marketers with digital stores and libraries for quick launches, as well as the ability to integrate data from disparate legacy marketing systems.

Using the HCL ADvantage Experience, an overall 50 to 60 per cent accelerated time-to-market for marketing campaigns can supposedly be expected. 

The advantages are inclusive of a 20 to 30 per cent reduction in implementation costs on account of a pre-built and reusable component library with more than 250 components.

There is supposedly also up to 20 per cent faster time-to-market based on an integrated DevOps framework tailored for Adobe Experience Manager and up to 30 per cent faster code development with automated code generation/

The HCL platform also enables quick onboarding and smoother agency collaboration, while standardising processes around marketing activation.

HCL Technologies corporate VP Anand Birje says, “Customer experience transformation is critical for modern digital enterprises and has successfully led many engagements, our digital approach helps global organisations craft a winning experience for all stakeholders.  

“Our ADvantage Experience platform provides an innovative solution for clients on their digital journey to deliver an omnichannel, data-driven experience through scaled marketing initiatives by leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud.”

HCL’s ADvantage Experience platform is an omnichannel ecosystem that supposedly provides a conversational, data-driven, and contextual ability for marketers, adding the agility and speed required for implementing changes due to evolving trends. 

HCL aims to provide an integrated portfolio of services underlined by its Mode 1-2-3 growth strategy. 

Mode 1 encompasses the core services in the areas of Applications, Infrastructure, BPO, and Engineering and R&D services, leveraging DRYiCETM Autonomics to transform clients' business and IT landscape, making them 'lean' and 'agile.' 

Mode 2 focuses on experience-centric and outcome-oriented integrated offerings of Digital & Analytics, IoT WoRKS, Cloud Native Services, and Cybersecurity & GRC services to drive business outcomes and enable enterprise digitalisation. 

Mode 3 strategy is ecosystem-driven, creating innovative IP-partnerships to build products and platforms business.

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