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How to build the best cloud solution for your enterprise…

05 May 2014

The best way to build a cloud solution for your enterprise is to ensure it has the best technology infrastructure and software platform, and that transitioning to the cloud doesn’t disrupt existing IT systems.

Enterprises are now starting to embrace cloud computing and want to move their legacy IT networks and applications to the web to reduce costs and be more flexible in the way they interact with their customers.

Because the always-on business world requires companies to be nimble, Hitachi Data Systems has introduced Continuous Cloud Infrastructure to support business-driven IT and equip the future-ready enterprise for whatever comes next.

According to IDC, we are in the midst of
a once-every-25-years shift to a new technology platform. This trend is being called “the 3rd platform” and is built on mobile devices and apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, big data analytics and social media.

This shift is expected to drive at least 80% of industry growth for information and communications technologies.

In the midst of all this change, organisations have to undertake successful transitions to the cloud. The key to success is to create a cloud environment that delivers availability, automation and agility.

Those strategy components include maintaining application service levels, refreshing technology and undertaking data migrations without any adverse impact. In addition, delivering automation for performance management and optimising the cloud infrastructure and applications lowers costs and frees IT resources to focus on new business initiatives.

Building an infrastructure to support all workloads allows you to accelerate time to value and deploy more quickly. Software-led virtualisation and orchestration drives efficiencies and helps accelerate your private cloud journey.

These core concepts form the basis of the Continuous Cloud Infrastructure unveiled recently by Hitachi Data Systems. Our new cloud technology strategy is based on the principle of Business-Defined IT, which seeks to meet the needs of businesses that want to secure a competitive edge.

Business-Defined IT has emerged as a model for helping organisations cope and flourish in the new reality of change.

Our new cloud strategy and suite of advanced technologies are designed to manage the overwhelming, all-consuming levels of change arriving in the business world.

With the right technology in place, companies have a better chance of satisfying immediate business objectives and delivering future growth.

The cloud can deliver tremendous business advantages, and enterprises are moving fast to implement private and hybrid cloud solutions. However, organisations want minimal interference and delays as they migrate to the cloud, and they want their technology to remain always-on.

The Continuous Cloud Infrastructure we have built is designed to meet that challenge.

To learn more about Hitachi Data Systems’ Continuous Cloud Infrastructure, download the whitepaper here.