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HP and Microsoft launch new apps

20 Jan 2011

HP and Microsoft have joined forces to launch a portfolio of four new converged application appliances that they say fuse applications, infrastructure and productivity tools into a single system.

In a joint release issued today, HP and Microsoft claim to have found the Holy Grail in that the new solutions will help organisations optimise employee productivity and decision-making, while at the same time simplifying the delivery of applications for IT.

The ‘HP Business Decision Appliance’ is available now and the ‘HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server’ is planned to be available in 45 days to run messaging services.

Two further appliances will be available later this year.

“Until now there have been two ways to deploy critical business applications: highly customised deployments that take too long, or proprietary stacks of applications and infrastructure that are inherently rigid and slow to change. The result is only 32% of IT projects that deliver critical business applications are rated as ‘successful’ by the organisations implementing them,” said the statement.

Trevor Armstrong, Country Manager, Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking, HP New Zealand, explained, “Customers are looking to significantly reduce implementation and decision times. With our converged application appliances, HP and Microsoft enable customers to shorten the time required to deliver information, which helps to reduce risk and cost.”

More information on the HP Business Decision Appliance and the HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server can be found here.