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Huawei wins Brunei contract

27 Oct 2010

Huawei is deploying fibre services in Singapore, Malaysia, and now Brunei, as well as globally with BT in the UK and Etisalat in the UAE.

“This latest announcement once again shows that the Australian Government has made the right choice in deploying Fibre-to-the-Home technology,” said Huawei Australia CTO Peter Rossi.

“Our neighbours around the region have chosen FTTH as the technology which will enable next-generation services such as e-health and e-education. Around the world it’s a similar story: in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia, Huawei is already deploying fibre services which will be the bedrock of the digital economy in those countries.”

The deal will see Huawei deliver an end-to-end turnkey services package that includes active and passive equipment, holistic ODN (Optical Distribution Network) network designs, and construction management.

This project will be carried out in four phases and the finished product will serve over 40,000 subscribers in Brunei.

“The NBN in Australia will be a key enabler of the services which will keep us competitive both regionally and globally. Without the NBN, we risk being left behind in a world which is rolling out Fibre-to-the-Home services today,” Rossi continued.

“Huawei’s first FTTx services are already online in the UK and Singapore, and we’re forging ahead with deployments in Malaysia, the UAE and now Brunei – Huawei believes Australia’s NBN is central to the future of our economy.”