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ICT salaries accelerating across the ditch

12 Sep 2012

ICT professionals in the communications sector are enjoying increased salaries in one of the fastest growing industries Down Under.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) reports an annual increase of 5% in salaries over the 12 months to May 2012, with only the mining industry's 5.6% rise providing better growth for ICT workers.

According to the findings the mean total salary for the communications sector, including salaries from NBN co, Telstra and other major carriers, was AUS$118,349 which is currently higher than the industry average.

ACS says the results demonstrate the strength of the ICT sector in Australia and pointed to projects such as the NBN as a driver of salary increases.

“There are a number of factors at play when it comes to ICT salaries in Australia including the continued emergence of the digital economy, specific skill shortages and the roll out of the national broadband network,” says Alan Patterson, ACS CEO.

“There are two key takeaways from these findings, the first is that ICT continues to provide strong, stable and well remunerated career paths for professionals.

"The second is that to help meet the continued business and government demand for suitable ICT professionals, more must be done to engage young people in ICT.”

Overall, the median total remuneration package for ICT professionals in the private sector was $117,500 compared to $112,459 in the public sector with the growth in ICT remuneration at 3.9%, slightly down on the 4% increase in last year's survey.

The period also saw ICT professionals in the public sector gain ground on their private sector counterparts with those in the public sector recording an increase of 4.6%, up from the 3.5% reported in 2011.

Yet private sector workers reported an average increase of 3.7%, a decrease from the 4.2% increase reported last year with general management and chief information officer roles continuing to be the most lucrative based on total remuneration packages.

Salaries of the majority of ICT workers have accelerated substantially ahead of general cost of living increases according to the report, while the rate of ICT salary increases have recovered in the private and public sectors to be just ahead of general wages growth.

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