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Immuta announces integration for enhanced security with Amazon S3
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

Data security leader Immuta has announced a fresh integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service. The integration grants customers smoother, more efficient data access control and security for sensitive data stored in S3. The new functionality is offered through Amazon's latest S3 Access Grants feature.

Amazon S3 is a massive storage entity, currently holding over 350 trillion objects and dealing with over 100 million requests per second to process tasks related to artificial intelligence and analytics. Through this integration, both data and security teams can extract greater value from their S3 data, leading to a decrease in costs and improved efficiency.

The new integration between the Immuta platform and Amazon S3 permits customers to streamline data access control, providing enhanced security across both storage and compute platforms. This becomes possible through the newly launched Amazon S3 Access Grants, a feature to streamline control of data permissions at scale for user identities managed by corporate directories.

"The sheer volume of data that Amazon S3 can store and handle is truly staggering. Therefore, securing access control for Amazon S3 is critical owing to the immense amount of data flowing through the service," observed Steve Touw, CTO at Immuta.

"Immuta aims to uncomplicate data access and security for data secured in Amazon S3, allowing users to utilise this data more securely for their analytics and AI initiatives. This, coupled with Immuta’s 'write once, apply everywhere' policy approach, aids our customers to democratise and amplify data usage, all while adhering to global regulations."

Immuta and Amazon S3’s Access Grants feature facilitates users to centralise access control management. Users can grant permissions for objects in Amazon S3 storage using attribute-based controls (ABAC), making data use more efficient and less labour-intensive. By integrating with Amazon S3, Immuta also supports US government agencies in safeguarding sensitive data hosted in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

The integration features the plain-language policy builder that reduces the requirement to manually code AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies and Amazon S3 access controls. It also provides scalable attribute-based access control to support diverse use cases and users.

Consistent access controls and policies can be implemented across expanding data stacks. Lastly, Apache Spark for Amazon EMR and other AWS services can also be accessed through Amazon S3 Access Grants, providing scalable attribute-based access control for file reads and table access in Spark jobs.

"With this new release from Immuta that integrates with Amazon S3 Access Grants, we see a single control plane for data owners and governors to manage access at scale for all Amazon S3 resources ingested into our data lake," commented Luca Falsina, Principal Software Engineer at

"As this integration is based on a new Amazon S3 native access control capability, it gives us confidence that controls will be enforced consistently, regardless of the technology data consumers choose to access the data."