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Infinera Intelligent Transport Network upgrades Oz-Japan cable

Thu 22 May 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Infinera, provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, and Australia Japan Cable (AJC) has announced the completion of a multi-terabit upgrade to AJC’s network.

This second and final phase of deployment completes a multi-terabit, high-capacity ring providing diverse fibre paths into cable landing stations in Australia, Guam and Japan, where Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking platforms enable an Intelligent Transport Network for AJC.

AJC offers connectivity and bandwidth to its customers across a 12,700 km submarine fiber optic cable network linking Australia, Guam and Japan.

AJC is owned by some of the world’s leading service providers including Telstra, AT&T, NTT, Verizon and Softbank.

"This network upgrade with Infinera's Intelligent Transport Network has enabled the retirement of AJC’s original 10G transport equipment and the transfer of traffic to the more capable Infinera DTN-X platform," says Philip Murphy, Head of Engineering, AJC.

”The original AJC 10G technology served us well but the efficiency, flexibility and speed of deploying the Infinera DTN-X to deliver 100G allows AJC to be more responsive to our customers in terms of client interfaces and traffic switching.”

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network, featuring the DTN-X packet optical networking platform, delivers the only commercially available single-card 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) super-channel solution.

This unique capability is made possible by Infinera's widely deployed 500 Gb/s photonic integrated circuits. An Intelligent Transport Network is designed to enable AJC to easily scale to terabits of transmission capacity, integrating DWDM optical transmission and in the future up to 12 terabits per second of non-blocking OTN switching into a single platform.

Infinera's intelligent software combined with this converged platform automates network operations to reduce both operational cost and service delivery times.

The Infinera DTN-X is designed to scale without compromise enabling future upgrades to single-card terabit super-channels.

"We are honored to work with AJC to complete their deployment of an Intelligent Transport Network," adds Andrew Bond Webster, Vice President Sales, Infinera.

“Now, AJC may rapidly deliver high-capacity services to their customers across a highly resilient network."

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