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Informatica expands data capabilities partnership with Snowflake
Thu, 16th Jun 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Informatica has announced its expanded partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and new product innovations to drive value for joint customers.

With the new Informatica Enterprise Data Integrator, a native application in Snowflake Marketplace currently in development, customers will be able to use the power of the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) Platform to integrate a range of enterprise application data in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

As an Accelerated Program partner for the Snowflake Native Application Framework, currently in private preview, Informatica announced that the Informatica Enterprise Data Integrator will be available natively on Snowflake Marketplace.

This new application has been created to enable Snowflake customers to leverage enterprise data source integrations for applications including Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP that are offered through the IDMC platform directly from their existing Snowflake accounts.

In addition, joint customers will be able to purchase the Informatica Enterprise Data Integrator from Snowflake Marketplace, making it easier to acquire and use it to accelerate time-to-value for end users, the company states.

Snowflake SVP product Christian Kleinerman says, “Snowflake and Informatica's partnership is reimagining what's possible with data, helping joint customers fully achieve their missions by mobilising their data, while preserving governance.

“With Informatica as one of our Accelerated Program partners for the Snowflake Native Application Framework, we can deliver deeper product integrations and continued value for joint customers across the Data Cloud.

Informatica has also launched a no-cost data loader for Snowflake through Snowflake Partner Connect, making it easier for joint customers to get started with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Additionally, Informatica unveiled new Snowflake-specific data governance features in Informatica's Cloud Data Governance and Catalog (CDGC) service, currently in private preview, as a part of the IDMC to offer a unified view of governance across the enterprise.

The new Informatica data loader for Snowflake is a no cost, zero-code, zero-devops, zero infrastructure required cloud data management SaaS offering to help departmental users across the organisation to move from data to insights in minutes, as opposed to weeks. It's available now through Snowflake Partner Connect and directly from the Informatica Marketplace.

According to the company, when accessed through Snowflake Partner Connect, users can benefit from a streamlined registration process, with the data loader being pre-configured to rapidly load data from multiple sources into customers' existing Snowflake instances.

Following the recent announcement of deeper product collaboration for data governance between Snowflake and Informatica, Informatica is announcing new governance features, currently available in private preview, as part of Informatica's CDGC service.

CDGC offers a single pane of glass view into governance, allowing users to understand and manage data in the Snowflake Data Cloud, to strengthen operational data governance controls and leverage Snowflake's existing security and governance capabilities.

This includes the following:

Policy management for data governance: New policy management integrations enable non-technical data governance professionals to manage their data use policies in CDGC, and their operational governance policies such as row-level access control and data masking policies in Snowflake from the CDGC user experience. The result is a full range of governance policies and controls experience, providing the delivery of trusted and protected data at scale.

Object Tags to reduce complexity: Tags are a critical part of classifying data to provide data access controls, data protection, data discovery, and data access. The new Object Tags integrations ensure that tags, whether defined in Snowflake or CDGC, can be rationalised to avoid tagging silos and fragmented data governance taxonomies. The result is one common set of tags across the enterprise.

End-to-end lineage for transparency and trust: Informatica provides column-level lineage, which has been extended with additional context from the Snowflake Data Cloud. Now available to all customers, it includes sensitive data lineage and impact analysis, so customers have a complete end-to-end view of their data assets and as a result, transparency and trust in their data.

The Snowflake Partner Network Competency Program unveiled at Snowflake Summit 2022 validates Snowflake partners for their Snowflake expertise and commitment to driving customer impact across the Data Cloud ecosystem.

Informatica chief product officer Jitesh Ghai says, “Informatica and Snowflake's deep partnership and joint innovations are critical for customers who are looking to leverage the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud and our Intelligent Data Management Cloud to drive value from their data.

“Informatica continues to be at the forefront of innovation with Snowflake, from being an Accelerated Program partner for the Snowflake Native Application Framework, to making it easy to onboard data to Snowflake with our free data loader, to the deep data governance integration that we announced today.