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Infosys launches set of solutions to advance enterprise cloud strategies
Tue, 25th Aug 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Infosys has launched Infosys Cobalt, a set of services, solutions and platforms designed to enable enterprises to accelerate their cloud transformation projects.

The solution helps businesses redesign the enterprise and also build new cloud-first capabilities to create experiences in public, private and hybrid cloud, across PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS landscapes.

Furthermore, with Infosys Cobalt's community leverage, enterprises can launch solutions and create business models while complying with global, regional and industry regulatory and security standards, the company states.

Infosys brings a cloud community with 14,000 cloud assets. Enterprises can leverage this to drive increased business value.

According to the company, the Infosys Cobalt cloud community will expand over time to include start-ups, partners, academia, gig workers and citizen cloud developers.

In addition to this, with Infosys Cobalt enterprises can have access to a growing portfolio of more than 200 cloud-first solution blueprints.

Infosys Enterprise Service Management Cafe, for example, is an AI-powered solution built over the ServiceNow cloud platform, that delivers ready-to-launch applications.

With Infosys Cobalt Labs, at Infosys global digital centres, businesses can also co-create new solutions and accelerate speed to market.

More broadly, Infosys Cobalt Labs works with the Infosys partner ecosystem to pre-configure partnerships to prototype industry solutions as well.

With Infosys Cobalt, regulatory and security compliance, along with technical and financial governance comes baked into every solution delivered.

Infosys continues to invest in a growing set of services, platforms and solutions. The company's acquisitions of Fluido and Simplus, both Salesforce partners and with a reputation in cloud consulting and implementation, expand its enterprise cloud capabilities.

Infosys Cobalt also taps into an ecosystem of startups and over 30 leading providers of public and private cloud infrastructure, SaaS, PaaS, applications and enterprise security, the company states.

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh says, "Our clients are building cloud capabilities to gain business advantage in increasingly competitive markets. The future of enterprise cloud strategy will be shaped by three key factors - speed-to-market, innovation at scale, and security of the ecosystem - this is the foundational construct of Infosys Cobalt.

“With Infosys Cobalt, we will set up a proven and optimal foundation for cloud-led transformation that will accelerate the next phase of growth and market leadership for businesses."

Infosys president Ravi Kumar says, "Our clients operate in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. They want to modernise and innovate at scale. They are looking to leverage this heterogeneous landscape, make the most of SaaS and PaaS capabilities, and power on-demand business solutions.

“They need a strong pool of talent with specialist skillsets to solve these challenges. Infosys Cobalt, together with its rich ecosystem of partners and vibrant cloud community, is securely amplifying enterprise cloud ecosystems, enabling businesses to find faster, more innovative ways to respond to changing markets and drive business resilience."

ISG vice chairman and president of Americas and Asia Pacific, Todd Lavieri, says, "The cloud is the backbone of today's enterprise technology.

"Among our clients, we are seeing accelerating cloud adoption, using a hybrid, multi-cloud approach across public and private clouds, to design, launch, and scale new business models.

"Solutions, such as Infosys Cobalt, help organisations rapidly develop the business solutions they need today while also leveraging a vibrant cloud community to continue to innovate for the future. Such capabilities are a critical part of growing business resilience through digital transformation."