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Intelliworx launches AI education campaign in light of NVIDIA's success
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Managed services and cloud solutions provider Intelliworx has announced the launch of an ambitious Artificial Intelligence (AI) education campaign. This move comes in response to new achievements by industry-leading chipmaker NVIDIA and partners such as Microsoft. The campaign's launch aims to help companies identify high-value opportunities for AI investments and understand the necessary foundations to realise them.

NVIDIA recently revealed its latest generation of AI chips, the B200 "Blackwell," at the annual developer conference GTC, accompanied by a suite of sophisticated software tools. The chipmaker controls 80% of the market and has seen a substantial increase in shares over the last year, with its market capitalisation reaching US$2 trillion (A$3.0 billion). Following this, Microsoft, a global software giant and Intelliworx partner, reported a range of updates to its software suite.

According to estimates from Intelliworx, a significant number of companies are not fully utilising AI. These findings align with Microsoft's own data, which suggests that 57% of professional time is spent on communication, 68% report a lack of uninterrupted work time, and 62% indicate they spend a disproportionate quantity of time searching for information.

In response to rising customer interest in NVIDIA's technology and its applications through the Microsoft software suite, Intelliworx is launching a series of webinars, custom content resources, and visual aids. The resources are versatile, but sepcific units have been tailored for sectors like the Financial Services & Insurance (FS&I), Healthcare, and Professional Services industries, focusing on mid-tier companies. The campaign covers topics from transforming workflows with Microsoft Copilot and elevating productivity, to embracing the AI-powered Future of Work.

This initiative follows Intelliworx's expansion into the US market in 2023 and a doubling of its headcount after a period of growth that resulted in an increasingly international customer base. Intelliworx also recently signed a strategic partnership with Neat, to supplement its offering to customers aiming to provide top-tier remote work experiences.

Intelliworx Managing Director Shane Maher stated, "The campaign was designed to bridge the gap between the hype around Artificial Intelligence, along with its star performers such as NVIDIA, and the practical benefits of the technology's applications for real world companies." He went on to express that the "dividends" from AI are currently being dominated by larger enterprises, and there is an essential need for mid-tier and smaller providers to secure real benefits. "This is wonderful progress… But, we've identified some of the knowledge gaps in key [industry] influencers ... We feel it's our role to help fill those knowledge gaps with this education program."

General Manager Blake Jefferey further commented on the Intelliworx initiative, "The Partnership between Nvidia and Microsoft will further allow synergies across cloud computing and development of AI features within the Microsoft ecosystem." He emphasised that these developments will "further enhance what the end-user experience will be through the use of the physical keyboard key for Microsoft Copilot."