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Intermedia makes it easier for partners to sell VoIP services

By Shannon Williams, Fri 27 Mar 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Cloud IT service provider Intermedia has unveiled its new VoIP Scout network testing solution for its partners at the 2015 Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas. 

Intermedia serves over 60,000 businesses and has more than 5,000 active partners, including VARs, MSPs, telcos and cable companies. The company employs over 600 staff worldwide, including a dedicated helpdesk for its New Zealand customer base.

The company expanded into Australia and New Zealand in October 2014, beginning with an agreement with Ingram Micro Australia.

Intermedia's VoIP Scout enables Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking resellers to conduct extensive self-service testing of their customers' data networks. This test identifies and helps partners mitigate potential issues that could impact voice quality and overall system performance.

VoIP Scout lets partners simulate, over 3-5 business days, the full potential load the VoIP services could put on the network.

“The scope and duration of the test helps partners to inspire confidence in customers that may otherwise be wary of VoIP,” the company says in a statement. “It also helps enables partners to proactively address network issues that could prevent high-quality VoIP service.”

Aggressive network testing mitigates future customer satisfaction issues

Poor network performance can dramatically degrade voice quality. Intermedia says this is why it's imperative to test for a duration that offers a truly representative picture of network quality.

“We have found that a 3-day test is the minimum period necessary to spot periods of congestion, such as scheduled daily file backups, that shorter tests are likely to miss.”

Intermedia's VoIP Scout consists of three core components:

The VoIP Scout Appliance for running tests via dedicated hardware (ideal for locations with no available PCs and/or dedicated voice networks).

The VoIP Scout Soft Client for running tests via on-site computer.

The VoIP Scout Management Portal for scheduling, reviewing and managing network tests.

The VoIP Scout Soft Client and Management Portal are available free for all Intermedia partners; the VoIP Scout Appliance is an affordable piece of hardware sold to partners.

During the testing process, VoIP Scout will capture and analyse key metrics from the simulated calls and provide partners with periodic updates on key milestones via the VoIP Scout management portal. 

Once testing is complete, the partners will receive a notification with a pass or fail grade and be able to view and evaluate detailed graphical results.

Making it easier for partners to sell VoIP services

VoIP Scout helps partners alleviate the potential for poor customer experience by identifying network issues prior to system implementation.

This helps the partner prevent the accruing of additional costs due to emergency post-sale troubleshooting, which can damage the customer relationship.

"As a leading proponent of network testing, Intermedia is committed to helping our partners deliver extremely high quality phone service to their customers," says Michael Gold, president of Intermedia.

"VoIP Scout gives our partners the freedom to focus on closing the sale, because they know their customer's network can reliably support VoIP service."

Partners can download the VoIP Scout Client and/or order a VoIP Scout Appliance through the Intermedia Partner Portal.

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