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It's alright for Right Hemisphere

13 Nov 09

Kiwi company Right Hemisphere, whose clients number many Fortune 500 companies, has cemented a partnership with Mecanica.

Although Right Hemisphere tends to fly under the radar in its native New Zealand, the company is flying high overseas, particularly in the US. Indeed, last month Right Hemisphere won the 2009 Excellence in Enterprise Integration Award from the US Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) for a project helping a major aerospace manufacturer centralise its 3D CAD product data.

We are likely, however, to begin hearing more about Right Hemisphere in New Zealand as the company’s success will lead to the launch of a new Kiwi distribution company shortly to distribute Right Hemisphere products in the Asia Pacific region. We expect more information to be available in a week or so.

For now, however, the new partnership with Mecanica will see Right Hemisphere add 3D visualisation to the groundbreaking New PLM360 Solution.

PLM360 is an integrated suite of solutions designed to streamline business processes and increase speed around product development cycles. Mecanica is now using Right Hemisphere’s Visual Application Development Suite and Deep View Software to Build New 3D Layer into PLM360 . With Right Hemisphere’s visualisation capabilities, PLM360 can take 3D computer-aided design (CAD) files from any major CAD application and translate them for use in a wide variety of lightweight 2D and 3D file formats.

“Gone are the days when sharing and visualising 3D product information was primarily for engineers,” said Right Hemisphere Director of Marketing Bob Merlo. “Adding 3D visualisation into business applications and processes is making an appreciable difference in the way we work, in how quickly we comprehend, and ultimately in how productive we can be. If 3D visualisation wasn’t adding considerable value to business processes, you would not see leading software companies like SAP, Corel, Adobe, and now Mecanica embedding our 3D capabilities into their applications.”

This suite of software empowers cross-functional teams inside and outside the customer organisation to efficiently share critical information, work collectively, and minimise manual processes, resulting in higher levels of operational efficiency.

In an August 2008 report* by Longview Advisors, President David Prawel wrote, “A new vision is emerging, founded on leveraging visualisation and graphics to mobilise product data outside of engineering. ‘Visual manufacturing’ removes the barriers to effective collaboration and efficiency by delivering visual product data to stakeholders throughout the global value chain, through user interfaces uniquely packaged to suit the needs of specific users and functions. Product data of all types becomes accessible to thousands more people, to make faster decisions and accelerate their respective business workflows. Business processes are naturally streamlined…”

“The competitive landscape has created a need to produce and modify products at the speed of light,” said Mecanica Vice President of Business Development Morty Smolash.

Right Hemisphere is a privately held, venture-funded corporation based in Silicon Valley and Auckland, New Zealand and boasts Sequoia Capital, one of the first investors in Google, as one of its investors.

*The Advent of Visual Manufacturing by Longview Advisors, Inc. August