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Ivanti launches new integrated solutions to secure the 'everywhere workplace'
Wed, 27th Oct 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Ivanti has released three new integrated solutions: Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access, Ivanti Neurons for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Ivanti Neurons for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).

All three new releases are aligned with the company's overarching mission to enable employees to use various devices to securely access corporate networks, data, and services as they work from different locations.

Ivanti Neurons is a hyperautomation platform. It autonomously self-heals and self-secures devices and provides personalised self-service experiences to end users.

The solution uses automation bots to provide real-time intelligence across all assets in the 'everywhere workplace', including every endpoint and the IoT edge, while delivering a consumer-grade employee experience, the company states. It is updated on a quarterly basis.

Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access is designed to help businesses move to Zero Trust, as part of SASE – secure access service edge.

According to Ivanti, the 'everywhere workplace' demands a Zero Trust security model to effectively combat the increase in sophisticated cyber attacks.

Zero Trust security enables organisations to achieve more impenetrable IT environments by continually verifying each asset and transaction before permitting any access.

As such, Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access enables organisations to modernise their virtual private network (VPN) deployments and transform them into Zero Trust network access by leveraging cloud-based management technology that converges secure access for both private and internet apps.

Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access provides a single pane of glass view across gateways, users, devices, and activities while reducing the risk of breaches from stolen identities and internal user actions.

Next up, Ivanti Neurons for PPM aims to help organisations optimise company performance and employee productivity by aiding in portfolio management and project execution.

The solution enables managers to capture and see demand and projects in one place and evaluate their benefits, costs, resources and risks so they can prioritise projects and create a predictable project delivery machine.

Finally, Ivanti Neurons for GRC enables organisations to automate tracking and compliance by centralising all authority documents and frameworks, citations, controls and risks in a single system.

Ivanti states, this is critical as the shift to remote work has accelerated digital transformation by seven years and increased compliance risks. Furthermore, according to a recent Gartner report, 39% more CEOs and business leaders identified risk management as one of their top priorities than 2019.

Ivanti Neurons for GRC aims to solve these challenges by providing real-time visibility into governance status, as well as accurate tracking and adherence for identified risks and mitigation activities and audits being performed.

Ivanti president and chief product officer Nayaki Nayyar says, “These products were purpose-built to help our customers thrive in the everywhere workplace.

"Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access empowers customers to modernise their traditional VPN deployments and transform them into Zero Trust architectures to reduce the risk of breaches.

"Ivanti Neurons for PPM helps customers to drive successful digital transformation projects, which have accelerated over the past year, yet often underperform.

"And Ivanti Neurons for GRC helps customers automate compliance and risk assessment processes, which have become more complicated due to remote work.