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Job Costing Tracking made easy

07 Feb 2011

More and more maintenance contractors are realising that having a paper based Job Card system can cause a whole lot of grief, especially when it comes to invoicing and searching through a large pile of paperwork to find that single Job Card the client is questioning about.

This is where the Job Costing Tracking System comes in place to make your life so much easier and less stressful.

By keeping all information related to a job (expenses, time-sheets, anything) together with the Job Card you only have to look in one place when it comes to creating the invoice for the job.

This will reduce the actual cost of creating the invoice and prevents to miss out on costs made on a job. In the end you will see the huge benefits of using a more centralised system to organise your business process.

Optimise your Job handling procedures.

Now you have all the Job information together you can use it to smooth and optimise you processes. Using customised reporting you can generate any report on the available information in the A-Vision Job Tracking system. And even better, you don't have to wait for your accountant to see how you've been doing. Based on thorough facts you can now make important decisions on changing certain procedures and also see the results of these changes before your accountant even knows about it.

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