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Juniper Networks unveils industry-first AI-powered networking tech
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

Long-standing technology powerhouse, Juniper Networks, has recently announced its latest industry-first AI-powered networking technology. Building on its historical presence at the birth of the internet, Juniper aims to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to provide reliable, secure and measurable connections for every device, user, application and asset.

Such technological advancements on the market include new Marvis capacities. The Marvis Minis, distinguished as the only AI-native networking digital experience twin, employs Mist AI to instantaneously confirm network configurations and recognise issues without the necessity of users. Juniper is further introducing the Marvis VNA as the first and unique AI-native VNA for the data centre. This offers the best insights across the entire data centre lifecycle for any vendor's hardware.

The company also revealed new AI data centre products and capabilities. The Juniper Apstra has broadened significantly to facilitate quicker and more efficient processing of AI/ML traffic over Ethernet. Additionally, new Express 5-based PTX routers and line cards feature industry-leading performance and sustainability, promising high-density 800GE capacity on a scale necessary for modern networking. The newly introduced QFX switch doubles the capacity of its previous generation thanks to the utilisation of advanced Broadcom Tomahawk 5 silicon for 800GE.

Rami Rahim, the CEO of Juniper Networks, envisioned that the AI-native networking platform represents a "bold new direction for Juniper, and for our industry. By extending AIOps from the end user all the way to the application, and across every network domain in between, we are taking a big step towards making network outages, trouble tickets and application downtime things of the past."

The upshot, according to Juniper, is a platform that delivers the "right outcomes via a proven data science toolbox that ensures accurate automation and insight for near-zero false positives, including unique features such as event correlation, proactive anomaly detection, rapid fault isolation with corrective actions and self-driving network operations."

In terms of sustainability, Juniper's AI-Native Networking Platform exceeds expectations. Its AIOps promotes swift remote troubleshooting, drastically reducing inter-site travel by up to 85% in certain circumstances. The platform is also eco-friendly, decreasing energy consumption with power-efficient hardware and being built in a way that simplifies repairs to prolong product life.

This industry-first approach by Juniper Networks introduces an entirely new phase of AI-driven technology that seems set to revolutionise the way businesses approach networking.