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Just put the mouse down and step away from the computer
Tue, 12th Mar 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

China has offered online disarmament to the U.S., calling for cooperation rather than all-out war in cyberspace.

Speaking weeks after claims of a Chinese hacking attack on U.S. industries, China's foreign Minister Yang Jiechi called on the nations to unite, while reiterating the country's innocence over the attacks.

"Cyberspace needs not war, but rules and cooperation," Jiechi said. "We oppose cyberspace becoming a new battlefield, and to using the internet as a new tool to interfere in another country's internal affairs."

Strongly denying claims of "sustained" attacks on a range of American companies, China had previously called the accusations as "scientifically flawed and unreliable."

Did you drink the last of the milk? Errr wasn't me, and for the record, your accusations are "scientifically flawed and unreliable."

If only the one-liners used in international politics were used in real life situations, the world would be a better place.

Anyways, Jiechi's comments make him the highest ranked Chinese official to comment on the allegations, once again dismissing the claims.

"In terms of Internet security, China is a vulnerable group, and is one of the countries that faces the most severe cyber attacks," he said.

Did you drink the last of the milk? Errr wasn't me, and for the record, I'm a vulnerable milk drinker who faces the most severe of milk attacks.

Yeah, conversations like that definitely improve an otherwise average day of existence.

Jiechi reiterated the country's stance in promoting a "peaceful and secure" internet, saying: "I hope that the relevant parties will stop the irresponsible attacks and criticism, and instead take practical actions to promote mutual trust and cooperation."

So China doesn't want to fight no more, it would seem it has forgot what it was fighting for.

The U.S. on the other hand still seems pretty peeved, it wants blood and will no doubt not stop until it finds somebody, something or some nation accountable.

Question is, where's the proof?

Is state sponsored hacking an act of war? Do China have a case to answer? Tell us your thoughts below