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KDDI offloads smartphone data traffic to Wi-Fi

04 Jul 2011

With over 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots being setup as part of the project, the folks behind Japan's KDDI’s cellular network have got mammoth project on their hands.

The aim of the plan is for KDDI to setup the hotspots throughout Japan and allow its smartphone users free access, which it's hoped will reduce the strain on its cellular network.

The operator has choosen Ruckus wireless for the service, with over 10,000 access points deployed already. By mid-2012 they expect to have the last few of the 100,000 access points installed.

Mobile operators throughout the world are exploring similar uses for Wi-Fi, to combat the expodential growth of data being consumed on smartphones and tablets and the resulting strain on their cellular networks.

Initially the operator is backhauling the new Wi-Fi data traffic through a WiMax network, because this enables a quicker rollout of the service than fibre would allow.

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