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Key benefits of managed hybrid IT

By Catherine Knowles, Tue 2 Jun 2015
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When an organisation partners with the right managed hybrid IT solutions provider, they reap the benefits of a tailored solution that aligns with their business goals.

According to CenturyLink, a comprehensive managed hybrid IT strategy considers how to integrate outsourced technologies with existing infrastructure. 

Gery Messer, CenturyLink managing director, says, “IT teams are increasingly moving to a managed hybrid IT provider to deliver the competitive advantages of enhanced utilisation, resilience and flexibility through combinations of on-premise and outsourced infrastructure.” 

CenturyLink has identified five reasons to adopt a managed hybrid IT approach: 

1. Data protection

A managed hybrid IT solutions provider can offer security operation centres, multi-level technology, and enforced compliance with data retention policies and procedures to ensure the organisation’s data is protected from ongoing threats and attack vectors, says CenturyLink.

2. Customised infrastructure

A managed hybrid IT model lets organisations customise their infrastructure and solutions to meet specific data, security and regulatory, scalability, and capacity needs.

This is achieved by balancing on-premise and off-premise compute, networking and storage resources, says CenturyLink.

3. End-to-end solutions 

A managed hybrid IT solutions provider can deliver end-to-end IT solutions, says CenturyLink.

This includes assessment and planning, delivery, and management and optimisation of the organisation’s IT to ensure ongoing alignment with business goals. 

4. Scalability, flexibility and agility

Elasticity and agility are considered at every stage of the outsourcing and application lifecycles.

By moving IT workloads to optimal platforms throughout their lifecycles, organisations experience better service, according to CenturyLink.

The ability to scale services over time as required means the organisation only pays for what is needed. 

5. 100% availability

Partnering with the right managed hybrid IT solution provider can guarantee 100% uptime availability and extend the reach of the organisation globally, helping to support and accelerate business expansion into new markets, CenturyLink says.

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