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Key ducks but can’t avoid High Court Chorus slap

Thu 17 Apr 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The High Court’s slap in the face to John Key and his government over Chorus has left it with no option but to accept the Commerce Commission’s lawful process in deciding the price of copper.

In delivering the damning verdict, Labour’s associate ICT spokesperson Clare Curran believes the country will be left behind if the current government keeps "stuffing up."

“John Key was forced to effectively rule out any further threats of legislating against the final Commission decision expected at the end of the year due to lack of support from coalition partners, a concerted push from the tech industry and a consumer backlash," Curran says.

“This is good news for an industry which has been riddled with uncertainty created by a stream of threats, intimidation of a regulatory body, the likelihood of households paying too much for broadband and a Prime Minister intent on propping up the profits of its corporate mate Chorus.

“John Key, Amy Adams and Steven Joyce have all contributed to one of the major botch-ups of the National Government.

“It will be up to an incoming Labour Government to get the critical broadband infrastructure programme back on track and deliver an economic upgrade in ICT."

According to Curran, ICT today plays a role similar to the railway in the 19th century - it is the infrastructure that opens up new markets and new supply chains.

"We will be left behind if this Government keeps stuffing it up,” Curran concludes.

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